Did You Spot Them? ‘Dramaworld 2’ Cameo Lineup Is Impressive

Dramaworld 2 has impressed global K-drama fans.

Credit: Lifetime

The magic of Dramaworld has filled the small screen.

Lifetime’s Friday-Saturday drama Dramaworld drew global attention from the first week of the broadcast. The clichés that any K-drama fan will sympathize with and a colorful cameo lineup are already the hot topics.

In the first three episodes, the K-drama clichés catch the eyes. For instance, a big fan of K-drama, Claire says, “Every drama ends with a kiss of true love between male and female characters. In American dramas, everyone kisses freely. However, in Korean dramas, the hero and heroine’s kiss is the evidence of true love.” Interestingly, this difference is the reason why foreign fans love K-drama.

In other words, a book containing all the formulas and laws in the K-drama appears in the first episode. It each gave pleasure to Korean viewers and freshness to foreign viewers. Themes that can only be found in K-dramas were well illustrated from foreigners’ point of view. Some of the examples are the following: “The male lead should be a gentleman who puts the female lead first before his confidence, appearance, and arrogance.” “The male lead’s shower scene is essential, and the more obstacles the characters see, the more true love is guaranteed.” “Save his/her life and win love.”

Moreover, the series introduces Korean culture, such as a funeral scene and drinking soju at a pork belly restaurant, adding to the drama’s fun. Similarly, unexpected scenes, such as “product placement” and “kimchi slapping,” appear in the right place, increasing the immersion.

Credit: Lifetime

At the same time, super-luxury cameos grabbed the attention. Han Ji Min, Lee Ji Ah, Choi Siwon, and Sam Hammington showed their faces at the right moment and place. Other familiar faces like Woo Do Hwan, Yang Dong Geun, Kim Byung Chul, and Park Jin Joo appeared throughout the episodes. New cameos will enliven the upcoming plot, so the fun of finding familiar faces will continue.

Dramaworld 2 centers around Claire Duncan, a geeky 20-year-old college student who is obsessed with Korean dramas. When she falls into her favorite show, she needs to complete the main characters’ happy ending. Dramaworld 2 introduces its plot with this simple sentence, “There is no coincidence in main characters falling in love, and the helpers control everything.”

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