Wonho Shows Off His Friendship with Producer Enan and Heralds His New Album

Wonho and Enan seem like perfect partners.

Credit: YouTube “ohhoho”

Wonho and his close friend Enan shared various behind-the-scenes stories about Love Synonym #2: Right for Us.

On the 25th, Wonho hosted the third episode of Wonho’s special radio for his YouTube “ohhoho.” And for this channel, the singer’s close friend producer Enan appeared as a guest.

Wonho introduced Enan as the producer he worked with for “Best Shot,” “Weneed,” and “Outro: And.” He also showed off their friendship, saying, “He also directed the vocal for pretty much the entire album.”

The two revealed behind-the-scenes episodes of their latest smash. Wonho shared, “In the beginning, I thought I was releasing a full-album. And we had to hurry in a very tight schedule all the time. I started getting very stressed out, and I ended up with vocal cord nodules. So I had to release it as a mini-album.”

After continuing their talks about Wonho’s debut album, Wonho mentioned his new album. “There’s actually lots of songs that we have worked on. But not all songs end up in the album. But we just start making songs first if we want to. And we have also begun working on the next album.”

Enan then praised Wonho’s ability as a producer. “Wonho comes up with good ideas. It’s really difficult to come up with a whole album rather than just one song. From a producer’s perspective, I think Wonho is the overall producer of the album. He never loses his focus. He didn’t let go of his goal and pulled through the end. I think that’s really commendable.”

In the latter part of the video, Wonho described Enan as “my heart.” The singer explained, “Because everything Enan plays for me and brings me to work together makes my heart beat, always. There were so many times when I was stressed out, tired, exhausted, and felt like giving up on things. But whenever that happens, Enan makes by heart beat again.”

Meanwhile, Wonho is scheduled to host his second online concert “#WENEEDLOVE” on the 28th.


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