SBS Confirms the Cancellation of Its Drama ‘Joseon Exorcist’

Credit: SBS

SBS erased Joseon Exorcist from its programming schedule.

Since the first episode, Joseon Exorcist has been heavily under fire for its historical inaccuracy. The production team has released two apology statements, but the uproar only worsened every day. In just 4 days, the entire advertising companies and local governments pulled out their funds.

In the end, the network officially announced its decision to cancel Joseon Exorcist.

Credit: SBS

Below is SBS’s announcement.

“We are notifying SBS’s official position regarding the drama ‘Joseon Exorcist.’

SBS acknowledges the seriousness of the matter. And as a result, we decided to cancel ‘Joseon Exorcist’ and abolish all overseas distribution contracts.

SBS has already paid most of the overseas distribution fees of this drama. And the production company has completed filming about 80% of the content.

There are concerns about the network and the production company’s financial loss and a whole in the broadcast programming. However, feeling responsible as a public broadcasting station, we would like to inform you that SBS has officially canceled the drama.”


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