Ji Soo to Drop Out of His Drama and Magazine Shoots as Networks Delete His Contents

As Ji Soo admitted and apologized for his involvement in school violence, the industry has been busy deleting the actor off of their platforms.

Credit: Dong A dotcom

After being exposed to an online community as a perpetrator of school violence not once, but twice over the course of two days, the actor finally posted an apology letter on the 4th through his Instagram as he admitted his wrongdoings.

At the same time as he admitted his past, the industry started deleting whatever they had left of Ji Soo. Over-the-top (OTT) platforms including TVING, wavve, and Naver TV removed any contents with Ji Soo in them, and also made his advertisement clip private.

Whilst KBS 2TV’s Mon-Tues series River Where the Moon Rises went through internal discussions and decided to cancel the day’s shoot, it has concluded for Ji Soo to drop out from Ondal’s role. The production team is said to be looking for an actor to replace him, as well as ways to make up for the bits he has already filmed for.

Credit: Xports News

Furthermore, brands that used Ji Soo as their models have also been erasing his presence. One fashion brand deleted Ji Soo’s ads on their social media. This is a brand Ji Soo worked with from back in 2017. A related official told SpoTV News that they have turned the ads private as soon as learning of his news. “We do not want the brand value to be damaged because of this unfortunate incident,” they said. This is the second incident a brand has kicked Ji Soo off their team, after an underwear brand.


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  • this is too much 😭😭😭 he needs a job too and even sinners has a second chance to live. .

    • Yes, he needs a chance. No one has the right to condemn as we are all sinners. Romans 3:10.
      We live everyday by his Loving Kindness and Grace – Jesus

  • It’s as if other actord don’t have their own issues. I mean it’s all in the past, and he apologized for his own mistakes. What happened now in giving second chances?

    • Yeah, I bet there’s a lot of them, but because he’s on the rise, the conniving bastards just did it for the sake of ruining him.

  • It’s been Elementary school though,
    I’m just wondering Why? why only now did the issue come up if that happened when he was still in elementary school because there came out a Law about Bully!?

  • If he has made a sincere and public apology to those involved and his management this should now be put to rest. He was an adolescent, lots of ordinary people have made mistakes at this time of life but well never know as they’re not in the public eye. People now expect perfection from K-stars, but no one is perfect !!

  • Yes bullying is very wrong and involving himself to this is very wrong either. However, artists are humans as well like us they can commit mistakes. As long as he acknoweldges his wrong doings, repent from it, and he’s making steps on how to show others that it should not be followed then that would be far enough. The world is not perfect so as we are, so as the artist/idols/actors. No one should tolerate bullying but we must not forget that everyone deserves a second chance. If someone failed to use that chance to correct themselves then it’s their loss already.

  • that is wrong to drip him. who is perfrct. why ruin and desteot his career? i dont get this

  • I don’t watch shows or buy items based on the actor or actress past. Some young people go through many changes before they realize how to function in an over populated area. Some become stars, many don’t. Just my opinion. I mean, look, I love BTS’s music. That doesn’t mean I’m going to go out and buy the SUV they were modeling for. Come on, be realistic. If their acting is good then hooray! If their acting sucks, move on to the next person. It’s probably why there’s a high rate of suicides. Y’all put them on a pedestal that is not sturdy.

  • Give him a second chance..he is a good actor..past is pass,he admited and apologized already..he deserve forgiveness..

  • Look, this should not be happening to JiSoo, he’s still very young and has a full life ahead of him. So, he made a mistake, this is how we learn our lessons in life. And isn’t partially the industry’s fault? I’ve seen countless Korean dramas whether they represent current Korea ( South) as well as period pieces depicting violence and bullying and killing and suicide? Doesn’t this send mixed messages to everyone that this is allegedly how it is and has always been?
    I think you’re being totally inappropriate making this blacklisting UNACCEPTABLE! If you want him to change I can only respond with, ‘YOU FIRST’!

    • The reason that they just came out to ruin hos life now is compensation. Ji soo is now earning a lot of money.

  • This is sad. The hardest part is admitting your wrong doing which he did. He needs a second chance. I was so happy watching his comeback show.

  • Also if this be the case, then I will begin a campaign to boycott the agencies and people that are involved with this unnecessary scandal. Can’t make money if no one watches the programming that depicts all of this inflicting behavior!
    And I’m not the easiest person to change my mind once the pen has written its first word!
    Hell, you even had JiSoo dressing in drag at one time, which of course I do not mind , I’m very tolerant to a degree. However, when it comes to duplicitous behavior all for the sake of money and face? I become intolerable!
    Remember, I will begin the process of boycotting those responsible for eliminating JiSoo, after everything he has done for you and all the money he has made for you.
    And I agree the others commentary. As long as he owned it, apologized after reflection and parental guidance. That should have been the end of the imaginary hate you are using to fuel the propaganda. Wouldn’t you stand to make a ton of money through him to now campaign against the current unrealistic demands of the agencies?
    Don’t be ignorant just for the sake of a few dollars and ruin the lovely thoughts that we’ve all come to understand as the budding success of South Korea’s example of living a good and happy life!
    I will give only one week for you to correct ‘YOUR’ mistake. If you’ve not restored JiSoo into the spotlight and given him an apology and raise. I will begin my process.
    And let me advise you if one thing. When you piss me off, it’s like throwing gas on a fire. You just make it worse!
    You’re probably wondering who I am? DON’T! Just listen to the words that are spoken. I say what I mean, and mean what I say.

    • I agree everyone’s entitled to a mistake. The actors & actresses here in the United States have said horrible and mean threatening things to our president & others and they get praised for their stupidity. Violence is in acceptable but a lot of leaders of our countries do it all the time. Don’t ruin this mans life by cutting him out of everything. Karma is a bitch and you’ll get yours.

  • All of that is in the past, why are they bringing it back why because of envy, after all, it’s just elementary days and another reason why everyone needs to be fired from him? to leave the job for him, are there any advertising needs to be really fired?

  • that time, why is it still rumored that he has become famous and he has done a lot of good things, is there nothing else to do but to deal with long events and jisoo is still young at that time, why can’t he new people, if it’s true, aren’t you a bully, why are you only treating jisoo with something worse than what jisoo did, it’s not just jisoo who is like that, ah, there are many, right? I hope you can forgive him and send him back to his job I hope you give it to other people too oh the simple person who is also being bullied at school not only because jisoo is your focus ,,,, you don’t have support for people like you, he’s unfortunate, he’s just a person who makes mistakes, and I hope you forgive me si jisoo ,,,,, jebal

  • This is to much for jisoo 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭If he did something wrong please forgive him 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • What is happening to our society…yes it was wrong of his involvement, he was young….let him learn from his mistake…we are not perfect…but why completely destroy his soul, took courage to come forward with his mistake, but that’s Life, how else can we as human move on… encourage him to be a better person, let him grow truly into a man…not break his spirit…all of the world, especially his Korea now knows of his character. We don’t know the whole truth, did he have a parent role model, was he himself being bullied…no excuse of what he did….but it seems he is learning and truly sorry. You know this could happen to any of us, regardless what the situation is…but for the Love 💕 of God, please don’t break his spirit….we are losing too many of our young people way too soon in this world. Ji Soo, I pray son you have a supportive group of friends and family to see this dilemma with, Korea has too many losses as is…stay strong, son..

  • this is just too much. Jisoo already apologized, he admitted his wrong doings, jisoo nerds a job! Not all actors are perfect, even some actors have their own issues. This is just too much, what he did was done, it was all in the past. Jisso deserves better

  • Welcome to Cancel Culture, South Korea! Don’t let it ruin you like it’s ruining America!!!!!

  • S.korea showbiz culture is like this 🤮. Management act as if they didnt have a mistakes in their entire life so hipocrite and childish to delete erase all of his project, in just a snap.. you are very so inhuman.. im not surprise why some of your artists commit suicide because of your way to punish them. You literally destroy their life.. shame on you to the management who did this i hope all of you can sleep well at night while you destroying another persons life.. shame on you.

  • no wonder the rate of suicide is high in korea bcz people are too much in critizicing one’s mistake. jisoo apologized already. stop condemning the person. he needs a job for himself and family. don’t be brutal for his deed, let by gones be by gones. i hope jisoo got a strong mind to overcome this scandal. we’re not born perfect, be humane in this world full of grudges. for sure, the person who drag his name is insecure for his success now

  • He is also human.he deserve second chany.koreyan ddirectors are bullshit .why they drop up him ondhal??? No body is inthis world is withut one of since .and he is apologize to.

  • Yes he committed mistakes, but please he’s human too. Don’t close all the doors for him.

  • I don’t think its fair though. All of us is a bully. One way or another everyone of us is guilty of that. And I don’t think Jisoo deserve that. Just because he became a kid once and he’s a human he is being criticize. We all throw insult to others. Its just that he did that publicly and we hid ours behind our minds. Why take his chance of living a nicer life? Its sad that some people fail to accept his apology and just decided to have him banished. Clearly that act is an example of bullying. You’re too preoccupied in claiming that he is a bully that you failed to notice you are becoming one too. The measure you choose to act upon is quiet disappointing really. How I wish you got all of this reconsider. And if not, how i wish that your conscience eat you until the end. May the gods bless your soul.

  • You get a lot of customer because of him, now you just let him out of your sight. It was in the past and it’s school violence means he’s young that time but now he’s matured and more responsible.

  • This is so wrong to do this to him ,really ,yes he did wrong but he acknowledged his mistake . Like seriously it’s so not fair on him that’s him job

  • yes we all are humans and make mistakes, but what he did to those kids (physical & mental abuse) and the girl (video taping) are criminal acts and deserve jail time. He is lucky he lives in a country where they let the criminals live free.

  • This is really unfair, yes I understand that he did some awful things in the past but why now the people are really eager to destroy his image as an actor we still love you oppa

  • Removing Jisoo is not good… Past is past nobody’s perfect he regret if what he did before 🙄🙄🙄

  • Well done, I abhor bullies, hope he learns his lesson but I doubt it. Once a bully always a bully

  • All of us has bad experience in life especially in our school life we do bad things in our childhood but the god give us chance to change and do the rigth things in our life, please dont hate ji soo he tried to do good things in his life and he is been a good actor , yes he do bad things in his childhood but he tried to be a good person especially to his fan’s I’ve been watching his shows everytime and I’ve been his fan and i like his acting, give Ji soo a second chance to change, i will pray for you Ji soo

  • Everyone of us have made a big mistake once in our lifetime that forever be our worst nightmare….all of us do big mistakes….but..please spare him …he is too young ….your judgement on him can ruin his life and his future…..

  • This is so wrong!! Never imagine people nowadays always wanted perfection but they themselves are not… My heart is totally broken for Ji soo…😭 Everyone deserves second chances… Ji soo is a brilliant actor…


  • So sad to hear that. Is there any ways to continue his drama shoot for the River where the moon rises. We are all Humans commit mistakes. Give him a second chance to live pleased . And he sincerely apologized of that. And why only now, this was a long time ago, Omg. Please consider our appeal please. Actors need a job too.
    If not possible, please get Kang Ha Neul instead.

  • This is too much. He apologized, it’s his past. Let him be and talk about it to teach other what not to do. He is an amazing actor. That’s why Korean actors/actress kill themselves all the time, you’re so hard on them. Everybody makes mistakes.

  • I don’t understand how these issues are coming in light only after celebrities are getting famous. It’s true that justice needs to be serve. But how are these issues rising only now. If these issues are the old ones, what happened these many days and years…. were they waiting for those celebs to get famous? Or couldn’t these issues be solved before? At least those celebs who were actually wrong wouldn’t have reached this far. I’ll not be saying that the thing is completely wrong or right. But how come you people don’t solve it before. It’s not like you didn’t have any idea about them when they started their career. It smells as if they’re just trying to get back at them by crashing them to the ground. As if they want those celebs to get lowered in their fans eyes. No doubt they would’ve been through immense shock and pain, but if they actually know it, they wouldn’t have done this now. What will be the difference in them and the bullies if they are doing the same thing too.

  • Past mistakes are that in the past. The man apologized. Time to let it go and move on

  • How toxic is the korean entertainment industry to treat their actors this way? He may have committed violence in the past as a young adult but who haven’t? These unfairly treatment to all artist, entertainers, idols and many more individuals involved in the korean industry must also be proper addressed.
    These people’s mistakes in the past does not not even equate to the hardship they have experienced, commitment and sacrifices that they gave the industry for them to reach their current positions.
    Just because these korean companies wants to please a portion of the population that is complaining and the media’s thirst for controversy, you are so willing to throw away that person’s hardwork?

    If you really are companies with dignity… Ask yourselves… How can you ever uphold your visions and missions as human beings when you can easily throw a person’s life to please a few?

  • He already admitted his wrong doing and acknowledge what he did is wrong. why pull out for bad image, thats all in the past. sad reality! 🙁 Fighting Jisoo!!!

  • No one is born perfect.. Bullying.. Harrassing..? Online bashing and criticizing a person like they never have like him when they don’t know his wrongdoings is more than hell… If this is true he will pay for it by law but I guess he will be paying it full of embarrassing and hooe it will not make him do such thing in the future…. Revenge is sweet but life has karma for everything…

  • This is so unfair for him. And also too much damage on his career! Don’t you guys think what will happen to him? When no one trusted in you while you make so much effort to gain your popularity in showbiz! And it is now his time to be a main lead on his movie then now you bringing back his past mistakes? Wtf are they? It is so obvious that they use the opportunity to ruin him on his spot light! How disgusting to the people who take advantage on this opportunity 😕haha. You let him finished the movie first before you ruin his career!! Bullying is also disgusting but we know he’s been trying to be a good now. We have a chance

  • JiSoo is brave enough to admit his fault. Nobody is perfect in this world. Yes, he committed mistake but it doesn’t mean that he cannot be forgiven & that they will immediately remove all his livelihood. I hope he will be given a second chance please.🙏🏻

  • God is good. And forgiving. This means humans are not God coz they are not forgiving like Him. God is merciful, humans are not. God gives chances to people, many chances. To change and repent. And he accepts them back. Ergo, we, humans have a lot to learn and a long way to go. Ji Soo you have apologized for your past mistakes. This doesn’t define who you are now. Believe in your goodness. Fighting. V

  • They should investigate how true and harsh was the allegations. If it is just one of those growing up naughty act then slap his wrist as he already apologised for his actions. If it was true and it was severe bullying then its up to them to sort it out. Ji soo is a good actor and this its his life we are talking about here. If raped or killed someone then yes he must go to prison and drop all his future ads and films.

  • Why? Yes this is too much…did he kill someone? I dnt think so… super exaggeration … Ji Soo is a good actor… they’ve gone too far for that…

  • He deserves a second chance, who will take responsibility for his life, will not have a job and will be depressed, I’m sorry every mistake deserves to forgive and not give up.

  • Everyone makes mistakes, it's called being a human. I'm not condoning his actions but he has apologized and I'm sure is sorry for past behaviour so I hope he can move on from this. As the Bible says "let him who is without sin cast the first stone". says:

    Every one makes mi

  • Интересно, а что будет делать агентство, если все(!) актеры откажутся заменить Джи Су в дораме?
    Ведь мы все не безгрешны, у каждого есть что-то, за что ему стыдно. И где гарантия того, что с другим актером агентство не поступит так же, как поступило с Джи Су. Предало одного, предаст и другого…

    Они там что, решили парня до суицида довести?!
    А где были все взрослые, когда Джи Су в свои 12-15 лет совершал то, в чём его сейчас обвиняют?! Куда смотрело такое правильное корейское общество тогда, 15 лет назад?! Почему не помогло парню, не совершать все эти неприглядные поступки?! И имеет ли оно моральное право устраивать сейчас всю эту “охоту на ведьм”?..
    Очень жаль, что такому замечательному актёру его не дали никакого шанса. А нас – зрителей – лишают радости видеть его в новых ролях.
    Я не буду досматривать дораму без Джи Су. Без Джи Су дорама мне не интересна.

  • At least he admitted it and apologized. let him be an advocate against bullying he can actually say he was one and they can relate to what he’s doing to rectify his late actions.

  • We are all human.., considering the fact that what he did was wrong., Am not his fan but l do enjoy his movies., Why the sudden release of this.., what did they gain.., to get back at him??, No. It will just make things worst for the victims..,, he has apologized, what the victim needs is d heart of forgiveness.., his industry cancellation won’t solve anything to d victim it still won’t stop whatsoever accusations given to jisoo. This canceling will cause more harm than Good. Why end his career ..,?His career didn’t do anything.., and am very sure he puts lot of effort, work, energy in it…, So the industry shouldn’t wash him off…, Instead make him feel what he did was wrong even in d industry…, But If all this is true about him.., he needs to be deeply sorry and try to get the forgiveness from the victim.., while he does that, his family and loved ones should help him.. because I understand what he going through.., not just about his industry.., but about his wounds. Let me stop here

  • Guess I won’t be watching River where Moon Rises…it was made for him…he is no different from anyone else, he made some mistakes when he was younger. He has apologized, don’t take his career away..ban him for a few months, give him a second chance, please..

  • Everyone make mistakes. They should be given a chance to repent. If anyone dare to say they never make a mistake in their life then I think it’s only fair he should be punished. Let’s be gracious & forgiving – let’s not destroy his career.

  • This korean industry is truly sick. At least he proved that he was mature enough to admit his mistakes publicly. Perfecionism is something unrealistic, everbody does something bad in their lifes and then learns their lesson in the end. This industry doesn’t care about one’s feelings and can throw away years of someone’s hard work like it’s nothing. Why is nobody protesting this kind of toxic environment? Change your mentality people, tommorow it might be happening to you, your friend, or relative!p If it were me, I would prosecute especially these companies which want to have a “clean image” by kicking him out. What about the contracts that you have signed with him? He didn’t do the bulling while being in a contract with the company, so? That’ something in the past after all. How many dirty stuff have these companies made in the past, deleting simply someone’s future and dreams for having done something wrong in the past? I wish to see just one single person who can tell me they never did something wrong in their lives. Apart from this, the gravity of what he did should matter. He did “BULLING” and not something worse. After all, why is this thing coming out only now and was not solved in the past when it actually happened? ( just saying, because that’s what people do, they settle it by themselfs when it happenes ). And even such a long time ,why make this public? They didn’t wanna make it public when he wasn’t a celebrity, they make it now, because he has so much more to lose now, right? It’s just a memory of the past, people, learn some symphaty. He is not the man that he was in the past. Ji Soo, just don’t give up! I hope you can get through this!

  • Everyone make mistakes,I adore him more because he admit it ,and he was young he need a chance ,we grow up to learn from our mistakes, I personally adore the people’s who admits there mistakes it need a lot of courage a lot of strength to do that

  • Well its unfortunate. But that doesn’t mean they should delete all his contents. Though what he did was wrong, right and he’s been punished for it but removing him from everything is way too much. I hope they would reconsider.

  • We don’t think it’s fair with him. He did something wrong but he is hardworking he is doing his best. If he had realised and already apologized then we should give a chance to him, we must not forget that everyone deserves a second chance

  • I understand he did wrong but come on dont take everything away from hm he grew up and no longer has done that make hm apologize like he did and do alot of community service but its a sham that hes getting ruined for somthing stupid he did when he was young.

  • What is wrong with society today… we make mistakes in life yes… hopefully we learn from those mistake… that’s what childhood is all about… since he has apologized for those actions and has not repeated them… I don’t feel he should lose his career for it… that’s too one sided….I am not one for bulling I have always been the one to stand up against them for the little guy… But people change and grow up… everyone deserves a second chance to prove there worth… Please be open minded and open hearted, we are only human… not perfect.. thank you…..

  • When you are successful people love to pull you down. That’s human nature. I enjoyed watching your Dramas. Whats important is you learn from your mistakes and Become a better a person. Fighting Ji Soo. God Speed

  • No body is perfect… always remember u are a good person if ever u do a mistake.. everybody need a second chance.. be humble and say sorry think positive.. god always watch u and be thank full… god never abondoned u if ever u do a hundred mistake god always understand us… just keep in mind be greatfull…. dont be sad… smile 😊 and dont worry time well heal all wound… keep smilling and be a good person…. fighting…….😊😊😊😊😊

  • That is too much all of us is a sinner if God erase us through our sin how many people will rema, he have already apologised they shouldn’t have take it too far hope jisoo was heal from this a d rise again

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