iKON Introduces ‘Why Why Why’ as the Album that Reflects Their Opinions the Most

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iKON is back. They dropped their new smash Why Why Why after a year after they released their 3rd mini-album i DECIDE. The new song “Why Why Why” is a song that mournfully sings regret and sadness about a breakup, and the soft yet intense melody catch our ears.

iKON delivered their honest thoughts on their long-awaited comeback through the label ahead of their official promotions.


Q. How do you feel about working as a complete group?
Bobby: It’s been a while since we made our comeback as a whole group, so the preparation process was fun. One thing that’s unfortunate is that we can’t meet our fans face to face. But we will work harder, so please look forward to it.


Q. What kind of song is ‘Why Why Why’?
DK (Donghyuk): It contains a story of lovers breaking up. It’s a sad song that keeps asking questions because one cannot accept the breakup but slowly coming to terms with it.

Q. How did you feel when you first heard ‘Why Why Why’?
Song (Yunhyeong): The composition (of the song) is not obvious. Usually, the outro comes after the bridge part and the song ends, but “Why Why Why” amps up the emotions and just ends suddenly. I think that part will act as a charm that makes you want to listen to it again. Especially, there is a section where Donghyuk cries out. And I still can’t forget his face when he was recording it. That part will be the killing part of the song.


Q. Bobby took part in writing and composing the song.
Bobby: I was in charge of rap making, and I talked a lot about the song’s concept with the producers. We discussed the mood of the song, melody, and flow with the greatest care. I tried many things, and things kept changing. Then, we came to the conclusion of “let’s just be calm and go with the flow,” and after many modifications, we ended up with this mood.


Q. Is there anything new you want to show in particular?
Donghyuk: We’ve become more mature. Each member’s charm is also seen on the album cover, and there is one thing I want to emphasize with this comeback. Among all the activities we have done so far, this song includes our opinions the most. We actively took part in this by giving ideas like what we want to show, what style we will take, what we want to challenge, and more.


Q. Any behind-the-scenes stories from your music video shoot?
Jinhwan: I was the last one to film the solo scenes. And Chanwoo must have been tired, but he waited for me anyway. Thinking that Chanwoo is watching, I puffed up my spirit even more. Thanks to that, I got the okay sign after just three tries. I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Chanwoo.


Q. Your appearance in ‘Kingdom’ is a hot topic. Won’t it be too tiring to promote your new song and work for the show at the same time?
Ju-ne: I think we are more excited than being exhausted. We gained energy thinking that we could show new sides of ourselves to our fans. We were also spurred by Kingdom’s “introduction stage.” It’s been a while since I felt the feeling of being nervous. And I loved it. I missed these feelings while we were on break, and I felt a great excitement. Please look forward to how we iKON get spotlighted in every performance.


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