aespa’s Giselle Passed SM Audition with NCT’s ‘Cherry Bomb’?

Credit: Park So Hyun’s Love Game Instagram

aespa’s Giselle shared an anecdote about her SM Entertainment audition.

Recently, aespa appeared as a guest on SBS Power FM’s Park So Hyun’s Love Game. On this day, DJ Park So Hyun brought up a topic about their contract with K-pop powerhouse SM Entertainment.

Park mentioned, “I was curious about the songs they sang for your audition so I asked them during the commercial, and I was surprised by Giselle’s choice. We’ll share it with you guys briefly.”

Giselle explained, “I sang NCT’s ‘Cherry Bomb.’ I wanted to audition with my rap, and I wanted to cover Mark’s part in the song.”

“Cherry Bomb” is the title song of NCT’s 3rd mini-album and is well-known for members’ intense rapping. Especially, Mark’s part is famous among fans for his crazy advanced techniques. Naturally, attention was drawn to the fact that a girl group member performed “Cheery Bomb” as an audition song.

Soon, Giselle showcased a few seconds of “Cherry Bomb” on the radio, pleasing her fans.


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