BTOB Leader Seo Eunkwang Stepped Up to Settle the Controversy over Lee Changsub’s “7” Sign

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Seo Eunkwang personally stepped up to soothe netizens’ furious minds over the constant controversies regarding BTOB.

On Jan 27, Seo took his Instagram to write a lengthy post about the recent controversies.

“Hello! It hasn’t been long since the incident happened, but it seems like we have hurt your feelings once again, so as the leader and as Seo Eunkwang, I wrote this to show you my real feelings.

First, I wanted to say sorry to the people who were hurt by what we did and said during the concert.

I’m even more sorry because I know how you struggled to start anew by watching the concert even when the wounds haven’t fully healed yet.

Honestly, I thought that if I just smile and work hard, the pain would be blurred and get better, but the moment ‘Our Concert’ came out, so many thoughts hit my head as more and more emotions engulfed me.

And I will put my all in BTOB and take full responsibility for the words I said, ‘BTOB will last forever,’ as I brushed aside many things with tears. So until the day all 6 of us come together in November and until the day we can see each other with smiles on our faces, I will sing with all my heart, hoping that we can continue to work hard together so that we can be happy and bee a rock for each other.

As always, Melodies, thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I love you.”

The expression “all 6 of us” clearly zooms in on the recent controversies over Jung Ilhoon’s departure from the group and Lee Chansub’s action at the recent BTOB concert.

Credit: Biz Enter, Topstarnews

Last year, BTOB went from a 7-member group to a 6-member group when Jun Ilhoon left the team after it was belatedly revealed that he was arrested by the police for taking marijuana.

Then on Jan 23, BTOB unit group BTOB 4U held their online concert. And during the concert, Lee held up his hands and made “7” with his fingers as he looked into a camera, sparking a heated debate about “shielding a criminal.” As the controversy grew further, Lee Changsub gave his explanation on his Instagram, writing, “It was a gesture I made with a heart to never forget our days together.” But the controversy didn’t dial down that easily.

So today, the leader of the group seems to have personally stepped up to apologize on his members’ behalf and ask for understanding.

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