Rolling Quartz Hits 300K Views on Their MV Only 20 Days After Debut

Credit: Rolling Star Entertainment

Rookie girl band Rolling Quartz is receiving a big amount of response after their debut. Keen interest is upon the five-member girl band Rolling Quartz, as they officially debuted with the single “Blaze” on the 30th of last December.

The music video for their debut single “Blaze” exceeded 100k views on YouTube within five days of its release and surpassed 300k views on the 18th. Furthermore, the number of subscribers on their official YouTube channel went over 76 thousand. These are achievements up until only 20 days after their debut.

Above all, Rolling Quartz has been showcasing amazing records since their debut, without appearing once on any programs. They did not feature in any shows since the release of their debut single “Blaze,” but somehow are gaining fans both locally and internationally.

Credit: Rolling Star Entertainment

The reason behind such popularity seems to be the fact that Rolling Quartz is a powerful girl band that came with strong hardcore rock music, unlike existing girl groups. It is also unique that the members present their charms each with electronic guitar, bass, drum performance, and vocals.

Rolling Quartz has previously emerged as a ‘hot rookie’ even before their debut. An international fan base ‘Diadem’ has been established with their 30k YouTube subscribers from 40 different countries, before they officially debuted. The band’s debut single then continued to receive positive responses, raising expectations for Rolling Quartz’s year ahead.

Rolling Quartz includes Jayoung on the vocals, Iree and Hyunjung for guitar, Arem on the bass, and Yeongeun on the drums. They are a band created as the two bands, Rolling Girls and Rose Quartz, merged together.

They are a talented girl band, as all members participate in songwriting, arranging, and producing. Their debut single “Blaze” was also written and composed by themselves.

Rolling Quartz is currently preparing for music shows and radio appearances as they focus on their online live performance.


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