What Kind of Music will a 29-Year-Old IU Bring to the Table?

Credit: EDAM Entertainment

Singer IU is coming back with a new album. There even is a rumor that once the news is out that IU is releasing an album, fellow singers would readjust their schedule to make sure they don’t overlap with her comeback schedule. This just goes to show how strong of an artist she is.

Credit: EDAM Entertainment

IU recently announced through her agency that she is preparing for her 5th full-length album. This is IU’s full-length album in about four years since her last release Palette in April 2017. At the time, IU did not only slayed the music charts with the title track “Palette,” but also once again proved her influence as her song remained on the top of charts for ages.

IU turned 29 this year, in Korean age. IU often releases songs or albums which are named after ages, as she described her philosophy and thoughts in her music. She sang “Spring of a Twenty Year Old” back in 2012, while “Twenty-Three” in 2015 as she sang about calmly but confusedly walking through her life.

This fifth full-length album of hers is looked forward to, as her feelings and thoughts ahead of turning 30 may be depicted. Questions are raised about how IU, who is turning over another chapter of her life, could have ingrained her emotions as a singer, artist, and actor during the 20s in her lyrics.

IU announced on her YouTube channel that she has been preparing for this album since the second half of last year. She recently hinted, “There will be a lot of collaboration with new composers that I have never worked with before. I’m also working hard on my own songs.”

She also revealed a little bit about her album as she won the grand prize in the category of digital music in the 35th Golden Disc Awards on the 9th. “I think I could greet you with a full-length album this year. It has more stories of encouragement than ever, and I will greet those who are exhausted with music which contains sincerity,” she revealed.

Credit: EDAM Entertainment

IU will release her pre-release song “Celebrity” on the 27th before officially coming out with her fifth studio album. IU is currently preoccupied with the finalizing processes ahead of the release, her agency reported. EDAM Entertainment further hinted about the upcoming song, “It is of the genre which IU had a go for the first time. It will cheer up the listeners with bright and energetic pop sounds.”

IU captured a splendid image through the teaser image as she released it on her SNS channels at midnight on the 15th. In the image shown, a unique kind of fanciness within IU can be seen.

On the fifth full-length album, EDAM Entertainment said, “IU is always working on music, and she has also been preparing for this album for a long time. As she is still working on it and it is unfinished, we cannot pin specific dates. However, we aim to release it in the first half of the year.”


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