Why Viewers are Waiting for a Second Season of ‘Live On’ 

Credit: JTBC

On January 12th, JTBC’s Tuesday drama Live On came to an end. As soon as the show ended, viewers showed their expectations for the second season.

Credit: JTBC

Such an expectation was their hope for it to come true. The viewers want to see more of the actors’ brilliant visuals and chemistry. The opinion was that there lacked a fresh romance narrative due to slow development in the plot.

The viewers were also curious about the future stories of other couples besides Hwang Min Hyun and Jung Da Bin. Live On evenly distributed the key roles to the main characters and expected the responses their ‘sub-couples’ would get. As such, viewers have begun to express their longing for in-depth stories of the ‘sub-couples.’

Credit: JTBC

Like most teen dramas, Live On deals with topics of familial struggles and school violence. However, as most actors were in their mid to late 20s, they depicted much more mature emotions, creating realistic scenes and gaining positive responses. Furthermore, the show presented frank dialogues which are not cringey like a typical high-teen drama.

Though Live On was a short eight-part mini-series, it managed to pack in a lot of fun and emotions into them. The disappointment of how short it was, was compensated by several special appearances. Curiosities were surrounding which star would appear in each episode. Following Ko Woo Ri, Lee Hwa Wi, Song Sun Mi, Kim Jung Hak, and Yoon Yoo Sun, Yeon Jun from TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT) was specially featured in the last episode of Live On. Instead of dealing with problems such as domestic discord and school violence in a provocative manner, the drama drew them realistically. Even the romance in this show was not presented lightly. It thoughtfully expressed the love between teenagers, as their process of growth.

Credit: JTBC

Though Live On is an eight-part series, it remains a life-long drama for some. Though the cliched topics and the calm development without any random comedic relief may have been its flaw, this actually acted as its uniqueness. Hence, Live On left a strong impression on its viewers and the expectations for Season 2 are getting bigger.


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