Son Ye Jin to Be on One-Year Hiatus as Her Hollywood Debut Film ‘Cross’ Postponed Its Schedule

Credit: MSTeam Entertainment

Son Ye Jin was also struck by the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Starnews reported on Jan 5 that Son Ye Jin’s Hollywood debut film Cross postponed its filming. Originally, the production was planned to begin in April, but the production team requested a delay in schedule till September with reasons including lack of preparation in the aftermath of the pandemic.

With this decision, Son Ye Jin was put in an awkward situation. After finishing Crash Landing On You in February last year, she chose Cross as her next project and waited keenly for the start of the production. And in the meantime, she is said to have declined various offers.

However, the delay in filming forced a year and a half long hiatus in her career. The director seems to have a strong will to produce the film, but considering that commercial film doesn’t always go as planned, there is no guarantee that filming will actually start in September.

Son Ye Jin is expected to review new projects, all the while waiting for the official start of the production for Cross. It is rumored that she is carefully re-reviewing the offers she received earlier.

Cross is a futuristic movie where a multiracial country gets split into two and tells the story of the people stuck between the two nations, where one side is poor and one side is wealthy. The movie, starring Sam Worthington, will be directed by Andrew Niccol, famous for his science-fiction movies such as In Time, Gattaca, and The Truman Show.

Meanwhile, Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin made headlines when the pair came forward with their relationship, becoming the first couple of 2021.

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