Taeyeon Introduces “What Do I Call You” as a Cool & Hip Song

Credit: SM Entertainment
Credit: SM Entertainment

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon released her 4th mini-album What Do I Call You on December 15.

The title song “What Do I Call You” is an R&B pop featuring minimal and rhythmical melodies, and Taeyeon sings calmly and inattentively about the feelings she still feels about after a breakup. “To the Moon,” which she participated in writing the lyrics and composing, is also included in the album. This is the first time Taeyeon took part in writing the lyrics and tracks since her debut song “I,” released in 2015. “To the Moon” is a song that highlights a soft yet simple beat with her “throwaway style” singing.

Taeyeon reveals her feelings about her comeback through her agency SM Entertainment.

Credit: SM Entertainment

Q1. How do you feel about releasing a new album?

I’m happy to gift a new song to my fans. I think this album includes songs that well suit the end of 2020, so I hope many people listen to them.


Q2. What did you focus on the most?

I tried not to overdo things. I don’t really feel that way these days, and in all, I wasn’t really attracted to the bouncy sounds.

Q3. What’s the charm of your new title track, “What Do I Call You?”

A drop of “being hip” has been added to a cool and placid vibe.


Q4. Your favorite track from the album?

The title track “What Do I Call You.” Usually, I liked the songs in the album more than the title songs, but this time, I just fell in love with the title track as soon as I heard it. Aside from the lyrics, the melody and mood are so my style.

Credit: SM Entertainment

Q5. You participated in writing and composing “To the Moon.” Where did you get the inspiration?

I melted my daily life into the song. I really wanted to talk about Zero, my best friend and my dog, and you’ll know when you hear the lyrics.


Q6. The key point of the new music video?

I expressed the thoughts that come before and after the breakup with various stylings. A panda appears as my boyfriend, but I’ve never seen his face. I’d like to say thank you to the model who wore the mask the entire time.


Q7. Of all the activities you did this year, what is the most memorable event?

I think joining DoReMi Market is certainly the most surprising (?) issue for me. It’s been such a long time I became a regular member of an entertainment show, and I think this is also an excellent opportunity for me to hang out with people through guests, fellow cast and the staff.


Q8. Last words to your fans.

I want you to hear what voice Taeyeon made and what images she expressed through the songs in the eventful year of 2020. Always stay healthy!


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