This Is the Truth Behind the “Nuisance Actress” Johyun

In conclusion, the actress’s agency did inform the PR staff of their COVID-19 test on Dec 1. And even with the knowledge of the news, they pushed ahead with the promotion of the movie.

The next day, staff from the agency were tested positive for COVID-19. Soon, the PR staff found their excuses and chose to put off the responsibility, saying that the agency didn’t inform them about the tests in advance.

This is the truth behind the “nuisance actress” Berry Good’s Johyun.

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On Dec 1, Johyun held an interview for her new film Dragon Inn Part 1: The City of Sadness. At the scene, there were 4 reporters, JTG Entertainment’s CEO, Johyun’s manager and staff from PR company i Production.

The problem sparked after that. A trainee from the agency was tested positive for COVID-19, and as soon as they learned the news, all staff who had been in contact with the trainee visited the health center and informed i Production staff.

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However, promotions for Dragon Inn Part 1: The City of Sadness continued. Another actor held his interview at the same spot on Dec 2, and on the same day, Johyun received a negative result while JTG Entertainment’s CEO and the manager tested positive.

And PR staff’s choice was to blame JTG Entertainment. They claimed, “Johyun’s agency delivered the news of COVID-19 test late. If we had known this in advance, we wouldn’t have conducted another interview.”

But this is the message PR staff and JTG Entertainment staff shared.

Credit: Dispatch

i Production: Did you get the result (for the COVID-19 test)?

� � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � �Media outlets A and B said that Dec 7 is okay.

JTG Entertainment: We’re going to release our official position, but me and the CEO tested positive.

i Production: OMG. Really?

JTG: Sorry. I think all PR staff should be tested too.

i Production: Do the results come out in a day?

JTG: Yes…

JTG Entertainment told Dispatch, “They ask us, ‘Do the results come out in a day? which means that they already knew about our tests.’”

i Production is keeping silent on this matter. �

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