Kim Woo Bin Says that He Is Learning How to Love Himself

Kim Woo Bin has recently participated in a sensuous pictorial by Vogue Korea.

Today, Vogue Korea released some of the photos from Kim Woo Bin’s recent pictorial. For the pictorial, Kim Woo Bin showed off his charm naturally and chicly within the beauty presented by black and white photos.

Credit: Vogue Korea
Credit: Vogue Korea

In an interview conducted after the shooting, Kim Woo Bin candidly opened up about his thoughts. To the question of what kind of adult did a boy Kin Woo Bin and current Kim Woo Bin want to be, he answered, “Until middle school, I wanted to be a strong adult in every way. You know, a ‘strong’ man, who has strength, is big, and is good at what he does. But now, I just want to be a ‘good’ person.”

Credit: Vogue Korea
Credit: Vogue Korea

He was then asked what he never wants to lose, and Kim Woo Bin replied, “Loving myself. This isn’t easy, so I always remind myself. Till now, I haven’t really taken care of myself. I would help others but would stay cold and strict to my own self. Now, I am trying to ‘love’ and ‘understand’ myself.”

Photos and interviews featuring Kim Woo Bin’s charms can be found in the December issue of Vogue Korea.

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