From Yoo Ah In to Taeyeon, New Game ‘Gran Saga’ Presents Awesome B Movie-Like Advertisement

Credit: GRAN SAGA/YouTube

NPIXEL’s first game “Gran Saga” became the talk of the town for its all-time advertisement.

On November 13, “Gran Saga” posted a teaser titled “The King of the theater, Gran Saga.” The video starts as child actor Kim Kang Hoon, who starred in When the Camellia Blooms, gets on stage with a determined look.

Promising himself to show the best performance as a child actor representing Korea, Kim Kang Hoon steps on stage to start his performance. But across him, Yoo Ah In appears as he shows captivating performances as Hamlet. Soon, veteran actor Shin Goo shows up as the King.

When Yoo Ah In tries to take the sword, Uhm Tae Goo appears as King Arthur, accompanied by webtoon artist Lee Mal Nyeon and Joo Homin. Soon, Bae Sung Woo, who plays the role of Romeo, comes on stage, saying that he has a woman he left behind in his hometown.

When the stage is shifted to Juilet’s house, Jo Yeo Jeong is dressed up as Juilet and performs the iconic scene from Romeo and Juliet with Bae Sung Woo. But Oh Jung Se, who plays Pinocchio, suddenly came out, implying the two are having an affair. Then Park Hee Soon, wearing a turtle mask, also seeks a sword, saying that he needs to take the rabbit’s liver to save the Dragon King (of the Sea), played by Lee Sung Kyung.

When the characters are about to battle for the sword, Taeyeon suddenly appears as she sings a song, and a 3D character walks up to the stage and becomes the one to pick up the sword. In the post-credits scene, Yang Dong Geun was seen sitting outside the building with his 3D mask off, giving a big laugh.

As soon as the video was dropped, netizens showed hot reactions saying that this is one awesome method for an advertisement. “How in the world did they film this without laughing?” “Is this really a game advertisement? That was grand.” “This is a cast lineup that could be compared to ‘The Thieves.'” “This is by far the best movie of the year.” “Yoo Ah In shows the best performance no matter what role he plays.”

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