Some Netizens Take Issues with OH MY GIRL Arin’s “Actions” as ‘Music Bank’ Emcee

OH MY GIRL’s Arin, who has been working with TXT’s Soobin since July as Music Bank emcees, has become a subject of controversy among fans for her “excessive” laughters and touches.

Recently, a post on an online community sparked a heated debate among music fans. The post listed the pictures or gifs of Arin and Soobin working together as emcees of KBS’s music show Music Bank. Arin in the photos laughed often and touched or leaned on Soobin’s body.

The writer who wrote the post wrote, “She often burst into laughter alone for no reason, and that’s kind of distracting.” Some netizens agreed to this and commented, “I’m not saying she shouldn’t laugh, but she needs to coordinate herself since she is an official emcee of a program,” “I really don’t like how she just suddenly laughs out of nowhere when she talks. It’s distracting,” or “She does that even when she interviews other artists. Seems a bit impolite.”

Some even wrote, “I hope she stops touching Soobin” and “I not a fan of TXT, but if I was, her touching a member like that so often would piss me off.”

However, some netizens wrote, “I am a fan of TXT, and I have no problem with that,” “She is just so cute, Don’t nitpick,” or “I love her energy. Stop hating everything, you haters.”

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