[PICK] “From Jeju Island to Gunwi” Enjoy an Online Trip with Korean Movies

Edited by Hwang Hong Sun
Translated by Kim Hoyeun

The fall, when the cool wind blows pleasantly over your head, has finally arrived. The wanderlust has swept over us, but with the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, it became impossible to plan a trip. So Why don’t we soothe our mind and body by watching movies that are just full of beautiful seasons? From Jeju Island, one of the most popular tourist attractions, to Gunwi that recently gained much popularity, let’s enjoy the beautiful scenery and dwell on the irresistible afterglow.


Architecture 101 �” Gudun Station, Yangpyeong, Gyeonggi Province

Credit: Lotte Entertainment

Seung Min and Seo Yeon, who took Architecture 101 class together back when they were both in their 20s, reunite 15 years later and share their sincere and honest feelings as they build a house together. Architecture 101 takes a unique development that contrasts memories of fresh and affection first love with reality by casting two actors for one role. Lee Je Hoon and Suzy, who played Seung Min and Seo Yeon’s college days, walk along the railroad tracks at Gudun Station and talk about the future, naturally giving off a heart-fluttering and tender atmosphere that only first love can create. Since the movie was released, Gudun Station is loved as a place where you can make good memories with your loved one.


Love Wind, Love Song �” Jeju Island

Credit: Cinema Service

It is the movie that captured Jeju Island most romantically. Hurt by love, Tae Hee sets off to Jeju Island to clear her mind and meets Young Seo, the tour guide. Love Wind, Love Song wonderfully captures their love against the backdrop of Jeju Island’s beautiful landscape, earning the title of “Jeju Island Travel Guide.” From Sangumburi Crater, which is full of autumn mood and Gimnyeong Beach to Abu Oreum, where Tae Hee and Song Seo realize their true feelings, the movie will make you want to leave for the island right away.


Be With You �” Geumgang Dulegil

Credit: Lotte Entertainment

It’s a movie that comes to mind when the rain falls. In front of Woo Jin, his wife Soo Ah, who passed away a year ago, shows up with all her memories gone, and the two rewrites their love story. Most scenes from the movie were filmed in Sangchon and Geumgang Dulegil, which are considered clean areas in Yeongdong-gun. The excellent nature’s scenery and the movie’s refreshingly candid taste will make you want to visit the place at least once in your life. Especially, the scene where Woo Jin and Soo Ah ride a bicycle behind the sunset is beautiful enough to make you exclaim.


Traces of Love �” Damyang Metasequoia-lined Road

Credit: Lotte Entertainmentent

There are no better movies than Traces of Love when it comes to taking an online trip with movies. A few years after his fiance Min Joo is killed by the Sampoong Department Store collapse, Hyun Woo is given a journal she wrote that details the journey they would have taken on their honeymoon. He sets out to visit the various places noted in the journal and slowly recovers from the scar. As the movie revolves around his trip, the spectacular scenery of sand dunes in Uido Island, Soswaewon, Bulyeongsa Temple, Gujeol-ri fir forest and more catches the eye. And among them, Damyang Metasequoia-lined Road, which decorates the ending scene, is by far the most impressive. The image of the characters moving toward new hope on the road full of autumn mood leaves a deep impression.


Always �” Jinan Yongdam Lake

Credit: Showbox

After having closed himself away from the world, former boxer Chul Min meets a visually impaired young woman, Jung Hwa. Her bright spirit and smile in the face of adversity reach through to Chul Min’s heart and shine a ray of hope. Although the story of an unfortunate protagonist meeting someone pure and falling madly in love is quite trite, So Ji Sub and Han Hyo Joo’s flawless performance breathes life into the already-familiar melodrama. The place where Chul Min and Jung Hwa share a token of love and reunite is an indispensable place when it comes to their love. And this place is Yongdam Lake, one of the eight sceneries in Jinan. It is considered one of the most popular attractions in the fall and is spotlighted as a perfect drive course.


Little Forest �” Miseong-ri, Gunwi-gun, North Gyeongsang Province

Credit: Megabox Plus M

The movie tells the simple story of Hye Won, who gets tired of her difficult life in the city and moves back to her hometown in the countryside. There, she spends four seasons and heals her emotional wounds with the help of her long-time friends. The screen that shows the changes in the seasons is just beautiful, and food made from crops that Hye Won raised will make you hungry. Most of the scenes, including Hye Won’s house, were filmed in Miseong-ri, Gunwi-gun, North Gyeongsang Province. It is famous for its beautiful four seasons, and the simple and cozy atmosphere naturally blends in with Hye Won’s simple daily life. Thanks to the film’s popularity, the place has been spotlighted by young travelers as a perfect newtro attraction.

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