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    [PICK] “From Jeju Island to Gunwi” Enjoy an Online Trip with Movies

    Edited by Hwang Hong Sun Translated by Kim Hoyeun The fall, when the cool wind blows pleasantly over your head, has finally arrived. The wanderlust has swept over us, but with the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, it became impossible to plan a trip. So Why don’t we soothe our mind and body by watching […] More

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    [PICK] Korean Movies that Captured the Beauty of Summer

    Edited by Hong Hyun Jung Translated by Kim Hoyeun Since the outbreak of COVID-19, our lives have changed significantly. Since we mostly stay at home and put on masks outside, it’s difficult the feel the changes in the seasons. While we wore masks and struggled with the heat and humidity, summer is slowly coming to […] More

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    [PICK] All-Time Cameo Appearances in Korean Movies

    Edited by Hong Hyun Jung Translated by Kim Hoyeun There is an actor who gave an unexpected laugh in the recently released movie Okay! Madam. It’s Kim Nam Gil, who took on the role of a man who is petrified due to his fear of heights. He added to the fun of Okay! Madam by […] More