Yoo Ah In Says He Wanted to Betray the Images that People Expect from Him


Yoo Ah In returned with his new film Voice of Silence. In this rookie director’s crime movie, he led the play without a single line for the first time in his acting career. For this role, Yoo gained 15 kilograms (about 33 lbs) and even shaved his head.

Yoo, who conducted a round interview in Samcheong-dong on Oct. 13, recalled his first meeting for Voice of Silence and repeated the words “change, challenge and responsibility.”

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“Movies are collaborative works, and there is order within that, and it’s hard to meet someone with a provocative attempt and attitude. It was a proposal that made me want to throw away everything I had,” Yoo said. “This rookie director showed us the direction to move forward to even in difficult conditions. I hope that people will be glad and just welcome it. I’m sure there will be mixed reactions to the film, but new challenges will be impossible without these likes and dislikes. I think we have to suck up these mixed reactions. (The audience) will be thirsty for something new.”

Voice of Silence is the directorial debut film of Hong Eui Jung, who presented the SF short film Habitat at the 23rd Busan International Film Festival. It tells the story of Tae In and Chang Bok, the cleaning crew of a criminal organization, getting caught up in an unexpected incident when a client dies after putting them in charge of the kidnapped child. Focusing on unique characters and ironic story structures, the film differentiated itself from the existing crime films.

Yoo showed his infinite affection for director Hong. “The script was amazing and shocking. I decided to join the project because of my anticipation for her. I was really attracted to how she can stir up my heart by combining stories that are routine or familiar and not very dramatic.”

Voice of Silence is also all the more meaningful in Yoo Ah In’s filmography. “I was getting a bit bored, and this movie was offered. I had this will to show something completely different, and playing a role that had no lines helped to break away from my own obsessions.”

Credit: United Artists Agency

Not long ago, Yoo made headlines when he appeared on the entertainment show I Live Alone. However, Yoo said that he realized that there is a power created by the media and that if one’s not entirely responsible, it can be something dangerous.

“I don’t think it’s a good thing for me to welcome the fact that there is ‘Yoo Ah In collection’ and that what I do becomes a trend. Because it holds destructive power, it requires a cautious approach. Having an influence to catch someone’s attention is a great value, and I think I should use it better. I hope that it becomes a spark that allows my frankness to think as freely as it wants and express it.”

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