SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun Clears His Name, the Woman Accused Him of Sexual Assault Remanded in Custody

Credit: Star Today

SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun has won the legal battle over sexual assault and defamation, clearing his name.

According to Star Today, a woman who falsely accused and defamed Kim Hyung Jun was sentenced to eight months in prison at a final trial held at the Goyang branch of the Uijeongbu District Court on Sept. 25.

This woman filed a lawsuit against Kim Hyung Jun in March last year, claiming that she had been sexually assaulted by the singer 10 years ago. She stated that in May 2010, Kim Hyung Jun, who she met at the bar she worked, sexually assaulted her at her home.

In response, Kim Hyung Jun sued her on charges of false accusations and defamation and vehemently denied the sexual assault charges during police investigations. Then in June last year, police dropped the charges against him.

However, since then, Kim Hyung Jun, who was returning to the entertainment industry and conducting a world tour after completing his military service, and his images as a celebrity have been suffering from continuous defamation and malicious rumors. Even after the police dropped the case and cleared his name, he suffered massive financial and psychological damage. In particular, the woman is known to have continuously defamed Kim Hyung Jun online.

While the criminal charges against the woman have been finalized, Kim Hyung Jun’s agency SDKB is also considering filing a claim for damages in civil court.

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  • It’s good that justice was served and that this woman is in jail, she hurt Hyung Jun, she is an evil woman, she lied, Hyung Jun never assaulted her, she is a woman who is crazy

  • I’m happy because justice was served, this woman deserves more time in jail, she damaged the clean career that Kim Hyung Jun had, she is crazy, for 10 years she was his fan and said she loved him, one day she defamed him and said that she is going to knock him down, that she is going to hurt him a lot and the next day she says that she loves him again and the next day she hates him, she is crazy, Kim Hyung Jun never assaulted her

  • I am very happy because Kim Hyung Jun’s innocence was proven, I never had doubts that he is innocent, I know that he did not assault her, that woman is crazy, on her Twitter she wrote that she was in love with him, it is impossible for someone who You have been attacked, say that your attacker is the best, and that you love him very much, and suddenly one day you accuse him, this woman should be given many years in prison for the damage he did to Hyung Jun.

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