A Former Basketball Player Ha Seung Jin’s Recent Live Stream Drags Kim Hee Chul and TWICE’s Momo and Nayeon into Hot Mess

Credit: teenvogue, imbc
Credit: teenvogue, imbc

Super Junior’s Kim Hee Chul and Ha Seung Jin, a former basketball player, are facing an awkward situation due to Ha Seung Jin’s remarks during his live stream.

Recently, Ha Seung Jin apologized for bringing up Kim Hee Chul and TWICE’s Momo and Nayeon during in recent live stream.

At the time, he said, “I had a drink with Hee Chul. You all know who he is dating, right? He talked with his girlfriend (Momo) and showed me Nayeon’s picture, and teased me that I look like her.” However, some fans pointed out that he should not be casually mentioning the things that were said over a drink and that it was careless of him to say all their names so openly.

Credit: Ha Seung Jin Instagram

As a result, Ha Seung Jin wrote a lengthy apology, saying, “I made them very uncomfortable by mentioning their real names during my live stream. I recognized my mistakes right after the broadcast, so I called them personally to apologize again and again for making them uncomfortable.”

However, after his live stream became even more controversial, Ha Seung Jin deleted his apology.

Kim Hee Chul also made a swift clarification as a response to malicious comments. He explained that he did not tease Nayeon and Ha Seung Jin, but rather cursed out the netizens who claimed that TWICE member looked like the former basketball player when the topic was brought up.

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    Ha Seungjin turned on a livestream few days ago and said he just went out drinking with heechul. He knows who heechul dates so he said this to heechul “i’m so sorry to n*y***n’s fans” and explaining there are so many look-alike memes about that streamer and her spreaded around made by antis. BUT antis on dc gallery watched the stream and spreaded it out of context. They made it seem like heechul joking abt that streamer looking like her meanwhile it’s not what actually happened.

    In conclusion:
    Heechul didnt joke or talk about how that streamer looks like her, but it’s koreans who keep making jokes about that. And ofc ha seungjin felt sorry about that.

    Heechul actually got a lot of hate comments because of the false info spreaded by antis on dc gallery. Ha Seungjin is aware abt the situation so he personally contacted heechul and apologized to him.

    • he didn’t do anything wrong, the problem here is y’all people that are very sensitive this days… like chill out

  • Don’t see a problem with what he shared. Its the world that’s now full of extra sensitive brats who can’t be conversed without hurting their feelings.

  • As someone who has followed Heechul for most of his career, I cannot believe he would make a joke like that. Even if he got drunk. Especially after losing close friends because of malicious comments. He is not that kind of person. Anyone who would try to drag him must be very miserable with their own lives. How sad.

    • Even if he did I don’t see a problem with it..people make jokes like it all the time and just saying they have a resemblance isn’t mean

  • Soutth Korea is so toxic, he told a story he was told, these people are psychotic about social norms. They are only mad because of their beauty standards, they are claiming the basketball player is ugly. Which he isn’t. Their resemblance isn’t offensive.

  • Wow, he didn’t do anything wrong. He was innocently relaying a comparison a friend made that he thought was funny. The two of them share a few facial features. As a big Twice fan (fan of Nayeon especially), if someone told me he was Nayeon’s cousin or brother I would absolutely believe it. The only people finding it insulting are those who think he is unattractive, which he isn’t. People have become too overly sensitive and have ridiculous beauty standards.

  • Lol, heechul showing his true colors when cameras are not around. Even his excuse sounds sketchy. Telling seung Jin that he looks like nayeon then when he was exposed he’s now making it sound like he’s defending nayeon against the comment he made by blaming knetz. Hahaha. That excuse sounds like a kid caught stealing from the cookie jar then making excuse that he took it from another kid who stole it and putting it back to the jar. Hahaha.

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