Koo Hye Sun Shows Deep Satisfaction in Her Life After the Divorce

Koo Hye Sun resumed her music career with her third piano new age album, Breath 3. Since her divorce in July, she signed a contract with her new agency MIMI Entertainment, drawing keen attention to her future moves.

In a recent interview, Koo Hye Sun introduced her new album and also shared her honest thoughts about the divorce and her new life.

Credit: MIMI Entertainment

To her, divorce was nothing more than just a “divorce.” Koo Hye Sun said, “This year is the most satisfying time in my life. I’m not putting too much meaning to the divorce. I have lots to do from now own, so I am enjoying the pleasure in finding my own self.” When asked about her satisfaction with her current life, she replied, “a 100 out of a 100.”

Koo Hye Sun added, “I really like the title ‘the icon of the fresh start.’ I started fresh because I had no other choice. I had to either choose between living and dying, and I chose to live.”

She showed calm reactions to all the mixed responses she is getting from the public. She said, “Thoughts are free, so I choose to think, ‘I’m just going to live my life.’ But I genuinely love myself, so I think that everyone will also love me eventually.”

Koo Hye Sun also expressed her hopes that her story in Breath 3 would comfort many people. “If you close your eyes with the album on, you’ll enjoy a deep sleep. It would be nice if you listen comfortably as you ‘breathe.’ You will enjoy more if you imagine a fresh spring breeze or recall the heart-fluttering moments.”

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  • Kudo’s to ku hye sun for working so hard to regain her physical and mental health after experiencung the devastating loss of her marriage, She also has to push through the divorce backlash and nasty comments from those in society judging her unfairly. I am so proud that she is standing tall and living her best life ire regardless. Lots if respect for this young multi talented Woman.

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