Kim Hee Ae Says She Couldn’t Stop Crying After Filming the Scene Where She Fights with Park Hae Joon

Credit: JTBC

Kim Hee Ae talked about behind-the-scenes stories of JTBC’s hit drama The World of the Married.

In the recent episode of JTBC’s Movie Room, Kim Hee Ae appeared as a guest and talked about her works, including The World of the Married and Moonlit Winter.

When asked her one-pick scene from The World of the Married, she replied, “I was actually terrified of filming the scene where my husband attacks me. I read the script for months and imagined the scene while sleeping. Then the moment actually came, and my heart was pounding.”

She continued, “When I act a scene, I have 50% of my thoughts and 50% of the character’s emotions, but for that scene, I was a 100% Ji Sun Woo. I like the first take, so I prefer one-shot filming when I do emotional performances, but the director told me that it will de done in full-shot first.”

“So I planned on only showing 70%, but 100% came out. I thought I was screwed since I gave my everything in full-shot filming in such an important scene, but as soon as we started one-shot filming, I was able to give 120%. It was my first time,” Kim Hee Ae added.

“I heard the cut sign, but I couldn’t stop crying. I had to prepared for the next scene, but I couldn’t stop. And at the same time, I felt a joy. It was such a precious moment for an actor,” she recalled, drawing attention.

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