Composer Gives Explanation to TWICE’s Song Parts

Credit: Kim Gura’s YouTube Channel

Black Eyed Pilseung’s Rado, who produced many of TWICE’s hit songs, talked about the controversy over TWICE’s song parts.

When asked, “Fans are usually dissatisfied with the distribution of parts for TWICE songs. What’s the difference between main and lead vocals?” Rado explained, “First of all, the main vocalists are Nayeon and Jihyo. They need to keep the overall flow of the song.”

He continued, “It’s not about my personal feelings, but I think right for a good singer to take it (song parts) for the quality. Song parts are not shared equally among members.”

Rado also talked about how Sana and Dahyun got the “killing parts” for “CHEER UP” and “TT.” He said, “I actually wanted to make Dahyun sing the ‘sha sha sha’ part (in ”CHEER UP“), but on the day of the recording, she had a bad throat. So I asked Sana and it was perfect,” and added, “As for ‘TT,’ I thought Dahyun was the main character. Tzuyu is not only pretty but also ambitious about singing. She has improved a lot.”

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