‘The Good Detective’ Jang Seung Jo Shows His Gratitude for All the Love He Received

Jang Seung Jo expressed his feelings about creating his new all-time character with The Good Detective.

The 16-part drama The Good Detective, which ended with 7.5% viewership (based on Nielsen Korea), came to a solid end by topping the Monday-Tuesday drams for five consecutive weeks.

Till the very end, Oh Ji Hyuk left a deep impression as a “good detective.” In the final episode, when he shed tears upon receiving an apology from the suspect of his father’s murder, he made the viewers cry together. For Jang Seung Jo, who performed exemplary performances from actions to melodrama, Oh Ji Hyuk remained as a new all-time character.

Credit: JTBC

Q1. How do you feel about the end?

It was a work that all the actors and staff made with passion last cold winter, and it was a time of great gratitude for all the hot love we received this hot summer.


Q2. I’m sure you feel different from all the love you received.

I was very thankful that there seemed to be many people waiting for Monday, and I was so happy when I heard from my acquaintances that they enjoyed it.


Q3. The character setting of “luxury elite detective” was quite unique.

I think the most important thing was “not showing it.” I didn’t want to show off. Oh Ji Hyun already had enough trauma and a terrible emptiness that could not be filled with anything, so I wanted him to appear like a person who only focuses on things he has to do.

Credit: JTBC

Q4. How was your collaboration with your partner Son Hyun Joo?

At the beginning of the shoot, I asked, “Is it okay if I do like this?,“ and he answered, “Of course. Do what you please.” His reply gave me the strength till the end. It was a very enjoyable work as an actor because he accepted everything, also a time of learning that helped me realize and feel a lot.


Q5. Oh Ji Hyuk’s action scenes were hot topic.

In filming the action scenes, the top priority was not to get hurt. Whenever the director asked, “Oh Ji Hyu, too many action scenes?,” I answered, “No, it’s so much fun.” I also told him that it’s a genre I want to try more if I have a chance.

Credit: JTBC

Q6. If you were to pick the best scene?

The scene that shows our Violent Crimes Division 2. The way each story is told in each other’s colors, sometimes clumsy, but the tenacity of being human and loyal, seems to have shown the process of becoming a model detective.


Q7. Along with your performances, you visuals like handsome looks or melo-eyes became the talk of the town.

I’m just grateful.


Q8. What is ‘The Good Detective’ to you now that you have finished the project?

It is a courage, a challenge, and a fear to work on new projects, but with The Good Detective, I got more courage to dream of another challenge and move forward. I sincerely hope to see all my amazing fellow actors in Violent Crimes Division 2.

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