Fans Show Concerns After Lee Seung Gi Said “I feel like I have forgotten how to feel sad”

Credit: SBS

Lee Seung Gi shared his honest feelings and thoughts.

In the recent episode of SBS’s Master in the House, which aired on Agust 2, comedians Park Na Rae and Jang Do Yeon appeared as the masters.

The cast and masters played the truth game as park Nae Rae’s suggestion, and when Lee Seung Gi was picked, he was asked the question, “Have you ever cried lately?”

He answered, “No. I haven’t had a cry for about four years.” He then added, “I think I’ve lost my sad feelings lately. When such feelings surface, I think I cut them out. I can’t afford it. If someone asks me how I relieve my stress, I can’t find it. I’m buried in stress, but I have no idea where it goes. I’m sure it’s piled up somewhere, but I can’t find it. If I have any difficulties, I seem to bury them. I don’t think I’ve ever excreted them before.“

When Jang Do Yeon recommended writing a diary, Lee Seung Gi replied, “I thought it would be better if I revealed it without asking. I couldn’t save my small happiness. Even if I put them together, it doesn’t seem to be coming back to greater happiness.”

Upon hearing this, fans expressed their concerns and showed their supports.

“You have all these fans who love you, so hope you practice expressing your feelings.”

“Listening to this, my heart broke.”

“He has never changed for the past 16 years. Hope he doesn’t stay too strict to himself.”

“Hope you really find a way to relieve this stress. We are here for you.”

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  • I think it goes into his parts of acting, he cries there and shows emotions that are very hard to fake! But, I think he just does not acknowledge them and counts as the part he’s playing! That’s why he’s so tired after acting, and needs to rest early. He has noved them from his personal life to his acting so his person life is more comfortable to live and enjoy, even if there’s times of over the hill stress. I also think part of this came from his training in the military, that was an honor he refused to not due we’ll, so he took it as a part he was playing and just did what was called for him to do. I not analysts, but I had peeped he was different in interviews and talk shows as well as MITH! I will continue to keep him in my prayers, because he’s a great person who deserves to be whole all the time, even if t means him going home to a quiet house and have honest talk and good cry by himself, or with someone he trust to be with the true him! Stay strong Seung Gi shi ! Fan from Seattle Washington! Blessings

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