Kwanghee Puzzled About ZE:A’s ‘After Effect’ Craze?

Credit: MBC

Kwanghee has expressed his thought on the ZE:A’s “After Effect”‘s new popularity.

The recent episode of MBC’s Radio Star, which aired on July 29, featured Hwang Kwanghee, Ayumi, Jessi, and Nam Yoon Soo. Ji Seok Jin joined as a special guest.

When asked about the new “After Effect” craze that followed “1 Day 1 KANG” craze, Kwanghee confessed in puzzlement, “So many people talk about it. But I think people these days are weird.”

“They didn’t listen to it when we really wanted them to, and now they are asking all nine of us to work together. How can nine people get together,” he said as he expressed his negative thoughts about their reunion.

He then added, “Also, if we get together, they will only enjoy it for a week or two, and that’s all. I was hurt by that several times.”

But fans still showed their hope for ZE:A’s reunion.

“You don’t have to sing together. At least show up as a group in an entertainment show.”

“You don’t know how people will react. I’m still hoping to hear and see you guys perform your songs.”

“He’s so right. People do care for about a week or two and that’s the end.”

“I wish they get together, but nine of them coming together seems somewhat impossible.”

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