‘Unique! Chef Moon’ Is Raising Expectations with Its Recent Preview

Eric and Go Won Hee of upcoming drama, Unique! Chef Moon, are raising the expectations.

On March 6, Channel A’s new Friday-Saturday drama, Unique! Chef Moon, released a new preview of romance between Eric and Go Won Hee, and the conflicts the two will face.

Unique! Chef Moon is a healing romantic comedy drama in which the world-renowned fashion designer Yu Bella (Go Won Hee), who lost her memory and becomes a troublemaker, meets chef Moon Seung Mo (Eric).

Credit: ChannelA

The humorous scenes where Eric unintentionally becomes a guardian of Go Won Hee, Ko Do Yeon and Choi Kwang Je, catch the viewers’ eyes. Not to mention, the breathtaking tension between Ahn Nae Sang, Gil Hae Yeon and Cha Jung Won, and Go Won Hee, who became the troublemaker of Seoha Village, grabs the attention.

Meanwhile, Unique! Chef Moon will premiere at 10:50 p.m. on March 27 KST.

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