AleXa Signs the Agent Contract with ICM Partners

AleXa has signaled her advance to the US just after four months since her debut.

On March 4, ZB Label, AleXa’s agency, reported that they recently signed an agent contract with ICM Partners.

Credit: ZB Label

AleXa made a triumphant debut with the original concept of multi-universe A.I. and successfully landed on Billboard World Digital Sales, ranking 7th. According to ZB Label, the label and AleXa already completed an agent contract with ICM Partners in early February and is currently staying in LA headquarter to talk about the practical affairs of her entry to the US.

ICM Partners, based in Los Angeles, has offices in New York, London, and is a mega media agent company that covers a wide range of business areas in media field, including TV, film, publishing, live performances and brand entertainment as well as music business.

The agent contract was completed after a thorough verification by KAMP Global, the exclusive Asian partner of ICM Partners, who also planned hosted AleXa’s powerful stages on KAMP Singapore 2019 in November 2019.

Tim Kim, head of KAMP Global, and Jon Fleeter, vice president of ICM Partners, are rumored to have judged that AleXa’s unique concept and on-stage charisma are competitive enough in the local market. “We believe that K-POP is only going to get larger,” they expressed their thoughts. “AleXa’s potential will shine even brighter on global stages.”

AleXa pre-released the music video for her second single “A.I. TROOPER” on February 25, presenting the most difficult choreography among any female solo artists. She is set to make a comeback with her new song “Do or Die” on June 6.

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