BIG BANG’s Popularity Isn’t Going Anywhere

BIG BANG debuted in 2006 as part of the second generation K-Pop groups, and have since made many historical achievements in both the Korean music industry as well as worldwide.

Though the group hasn’t released any new music in the past four years, they still seem to hold an impressive amount of popularity and is still going strong amongst the third generation, young and trending artists.

Even with reports from data taken from Spotify globally during the time frame of January 2014 ’til January 2020, BIG BANG is ranked at number six as the only second generation group, in between all the other third generation groups.

In platforms like YouTube, the group’s official channel still stands at the third most subscribed channel from K-Pop artists with its 12 million subscribers. They are also still holding the title of the 4th most viewed Korean artists in the platform with a whopping 6.5 billion views, despite only having released one album in the past seven years.

Despite all the scandals, lack of releases, and public issues that the group has been through, it seems that their popularity isn’t going to be going anywhere as their numbers speak louder.

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