[Weekly TV Top 10] ‘Itaewon Class’ Takes Empty Throne After ‘Crash Landing on You’ Ended

Although Crash Landing on You and Stove League ended, Korean viewers’ love for TV dramas is still hot. Itaewon Class filled the vacancy where Crash Landing on You left behind, and the newcomers such as Hi Bye, Mama! and Hyena entered the rankings while marking smooth starts. Meanwhile, the last eighth episode of Mr. Trot, which just started a race to win the semi-final, recorded the average rating of 30.4 percent nationwide and while its highest moment rating soared to a whopping 31.9 percent (provided by Nielsen Korea). This show hereby broke the highest-ever ratings again in Korean comprehensive programming channels’ history. So let’s look at which programs have made the headlines over the past week.


The Dramas on the 3rd week of February, 2020

Credit: JTBC

JTBC‘s Itaewon Class topped the popularity chart of the Drama category. Its popularity was down 8.55 percent versus the previous week, but it was the first time for Itaewon Class to top the drama rankings since its premiere. Netizens commented that the lead female character acted by Kim Da Mi wasn’t that convincing and the development of the seventh and eighth episodes was disappointing compared to the previous episodes. Kim Da Mi and Park Seo Joon respectively ranked first and third on the Popularity of the Cast chart in the Drama category.

SBS‘s Doctor Romantic 2 took the second place in the Drama category, breaking its own record-high popularity. Many netizens expressed regrets ahead of Doctor Romantic 2‘s last episode, while the drama’s official website and news article pages were crowded with many comments asking for the production of season 3.

tvN‘s new series Hi Bye, Mama! marked a successful start as ranking third on the popularity chart of the Drama category. Netizens in large numbers praised the lead actress Kim Tae Hee‘s acting skill, commenting that her acting in this drama improved than that of her previous hits.

SBS’s new entrant Hyena ranked fourth in the Drama category on the first week of airing. Kim Hye Soo, who appeared in a TV drama after a long time, made headlines with the compliments for her acting skill, but many said her styling in the drama was a little disappointing.

Credit: tvN

The Top 10 Popularity of TV Dramas

  1. JTBC Itaewon Class (Share of Audience: 30.19) (▲1)
  2. SBS Doctor Romantic 2 (Share of Audience: 17.2) (▲2)
  3. tvN Hi Bye, Mama! (Share of Audience: 10.27) NEW
  4. SBS Hyena (Share of Audience: 8.87) NEW
  5. tvN The Cursed (Share of Audience: 3.94) ( – )
  6. JTBC Hello Dracula (Share of Audience: 3.12) NEW
  7. tvN Money Game (Share of Audience: 2.82) (▲4)
  8. KBS2 Forest (Share of Audience: 2.51) (▽1)
  9. KBS2 Love Is Beautiful Life Is Wonderful (Share of Audience: 2.38) (▽1)
  10. MBC XX (Share of Audience: 2.3) (▽1)

The Top 10 Popularity of the Cast in TV Dramas

  1. Kim Da Mi, Itaewon Class (▲2)
  2. Kim Tae Hee, Hi Bye, Mama! NEW
  3. Park Seo Joon, Itaewon Class (▲1)
  4. Ahn Hyo Seop, Doctor Romantic 2 (▲4)
  5. Kim Hye Soo, Hyena NEW
  6. Joo Ji Hoon, Hyena NEW
  7. Lee Sung Kyung, Doctor Romantic 2 (▲2)
  8. Kwon Nara, Itaewon Class (▲2)
  9. Lee Kyu Hyung, Hi Bye, Mama! NEW
  10. Park Hae Jin, Forest (▲2)


The Non-Dramas on the 3rd week of February, 2020


TV CHOSUN‘s Mr. Trot retained its No. 1 crown in the Non-Drama category with an overwhelming share. Breaking its own record of popularity for five consecutive weeks, Mr. Trot scored more than 80,000 points this week and solidified its monopoly. Lim Young Woong and Jeong Dong Won ranked first and second, which are the same as last week, on the Popularity of the Cast chart in the Non-Drama category.

The popularity of JTBC’s 2You Project – SugarMan3 rose 39.74 percent versus the previous week, ranking second in the Non-Drama category for two straight weeks. This show’s production team was praised after SeeYa, the girl group netizens had been expecting for a long time, appeared as a new Sugar Man. SeeYa also ranked third on the Popularity of the Cast chart in the Non-Drama category.

Meanwhile, MBC‘s I Live Alone maintained the third place, but its popularity dropped 34.55 percent versus the previous week. There were a lot of happy responses to Jun Hyun Moo, who appeared on the show after a long time. I Live Alone‘s official website and news article pages were also full of the comments wishing him return to the program.

Credit: JTBC

The Top 10 Popularity of TV Non-Dramas

  1. TV CHOSUN Mr. Trot (Share of Audience: 25.51) ( – )
  2. JTBC 2You Project – SugarMan3 (Share of Audience: 6.01) ( – )
  3. MBC I Live Alone (Share of Audience: 2.74) ( – )
  4. KBS2 The Return of Superman (Share of Audience: 2.25) (▲3)
  5. SBS Baek Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant (Share of Audience: 2.04) (▽1)
  6. MBC The Masked Singer (Share of Audience: 1.95) (▽1)
  7. SBS Running Man (Share of Audience: 1.75) (▲4)
  8. MBC Radio Star (Share of Audience: 1.73) (▲2)
  9. JTBC Traveler – Argentina (Share of Audience: 1.61) (▽3)
  10. SBS Handsome Tigers (Share of Audience: 1.57) (▲9)

The Top 10 Popularity of the Cast in TV Non-Dramas

  1. Lim Young Woong, Mr. Trot ( – )
  2. Jeong Dong Won, Mr. Trot ( – )
  3. SeeYa, 2You Project – SugarMan3 NEW
  4. Kim Ho Jung, Mr. Trot (▲1)
  5. Lee Chan Won, Mr. Trot (▽2)
  6. Young Tak, Mr. Trot (▲1)
  7. Kim Soo Chan, Mr. Trot (▲19)
  8. Ong Seong Wu, Traveler – Argentina (▽2)
  9. Kian84, I Live Alone (▲71)
  10. Yoo Jae Suk, Hangout with Yoo (▽1)


The survey was released by Good Data Corporation, a TV popularity analysis agency, after analyzing netizens’ responses (which generated from the news articles, blogs/communities, videos and SNSs) on the programs being aired or scheduled to air from Feb. 17 through the 23th.


Source (1, 2, 3)

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