Kang Daniel Celebrates His 200th Day of Debut

Kang Daniel is celebrating his 200th day of his debut.

Kang Daniel debuted as a solo artist on July 25, 2019, releasing his debut album “Color On Me.” Today, Feb. 9 is exactly 200 days from then.

His official fan club DANITY is also celebrating.

Meanwhile, Kang is making headlines for his collaboration with Kakao Friends.

Kakao IX announced on Feb. 3 that “Apeach Gang Daniel Edition,” co-produced by its character brand Kakao Friends and singer Kang Daniel, will be officially released.

This collaboration is part of a global project being undertaken by K-character Kakao Friends with an artist representing K-culture, designed to provide fans with a new and fun experience.

Kakao Friends is currently scheduling the release of the Apeach Kang Daniel edition.

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