Red Velvet’s Yeri and Ariana Grande’s Sweet Interaction

Ariana Grande and Red Velvet‘s Yeri had a recent interaction on Twitter, which has become yet another cute K-Idol and Ariana interaction, after the most recent interaction with that of Ariana and BTS.

Yeri did not hesitate in expressing her love for Ariana, as she left a comment on Ariana’s post with BTS from January 23rd saying, “I envy them Ari”, to which Ariana was sweet enough to respond with, “can’t wait to hug u one day”, followed by a cute emoji and a white heart.

We are all aware that Yeri has been a huge fan of Ariana’s, and that Ariana followed Yeri back on Instagram last summer – which made Yeri the first ever K-pop idol that Ariana ever followed. Hopefully, the two talented superstars will be able to meet sometime soon in the near future!


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