Catch tvN’s Drama Series, ‘Catch The Ghost’, On OnDemand!

tvN’s drama series called ‘Catch The Ghost’, starring Moon Geun-Young and Kim Sun-Ho, is now officially on OnDemand. The drama is about a rookie detective named Yoo-Ryung who’s twin sister with autism goes missing. To find her twin, Yoo-Ryung uses her exceptional space perception and strong sense of justice in order to solve cases that are thrown at her.

The first episode opens up a bit with the start of a chemistry as the two main characters, Ji-Seok and Yoo-Ryung, run into each other with comic timing. You can see the different personalities of the two characters within this first episode as Ji-Seok seems to be fond of playing by the rules and Yoo-Ryung treats crimes with the urgency they need to be treated with – though it may break some rules in the process. Right off the bat, you are able to tell that the two characters are on complete opposite ends of the spectrum, but both have their hearts in the right place. Through these differences, you are already able to see that both are going to be learning a lot from each other as the series progresses.

Just in the first episode alone, there’s so much comedy, action, thriller, and various emotions, that it’ll definitely pique your interests and have you continue watching.


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