Exclusive Interview: Yves Discusses Her Solo Debut, Differences from LOONA, and Future Goals

yves solo debut
yves solo debut

On the 29th of last month, Yves, formerly of LOONA, released her solo album after seven years of debut. Her first album, LOOP, encapsulates the essence of Yves at her most authentic. Having adapted herself to a standardized system over the years, Yves has broken free from the “loop” of rules and explored her own identity, distilling the results into four tracks.

The title track “LOOP (feat. Lil Cherry)” captures the desire to escape the repetitive daily grind with a rhythmic alternative beat. MILLIC, the head of her label PAIX PER MIL, took part in producing the track. “LOOP” was selected as one of the “Songs You Need to Know This Week” by Rolling Stone on May 31st and has topped the iTunes Top Albums charts in ten regions worldwide, receiving positive responses.

ZAPZEE spoke with Yves to hear about her solo debut, marking a trendy return that sets her apart from her group activities.

yves solo debut

Q1. How do you feel about releasing your first solo album?

It was a moment I had dreamed of, filled with excitement and a sense of relief. Although I was nervous about starting something new, I am now focused on showing my best to the fans.

Q2. What did you focus on while preparing your solo album?

I focused on expressing my true emotions and stories. I approached it as the first page of my diary, expressing various emotions through different genres like entries in a journal.

Q3. Did you face any challenges while preparing for your solo debut?

Since I had to express myself musically on my own, I saw many shortcomings, which sometimes made me angry at myself, but I think I have managed to overcome and grow from them.

Q4. Did you receive any advice from members who have gone solo before?

I shared my concerns, and they told me to just do as I always do because I was already doing well. Although simple, it was very empowering and comforting, feeling that they really know and believe in me.

Q5. What was the process like preparing your album with PAIX PER MIL?

It would be a lie to say there were no difficulties, but that made it more fun. Having the opportunity to work with top producers and artists was incredibly grateful for me, helping me learn more musically and find my own color.

yves solo debut

Q6. How does your solo album differ from your activities as LOONA?

Being able to fill the album with only my voice allows me to express myself in a variety of tones, which I see as an advantage.

Q7. Do you have any plans for fan meetings or international promotions?

If the opportunity arises, I would love to do a world tour or concert to interact more closely with fans. I feel thankful and also sorry to the fans I met for the first and last time on the group tour, and I really want to see them again.

Q8. I’m sure fans mean something different to you as LOONA’s member and as artist Yves.

They are my solid support system. People who waited through the difficult hiatus and shared their strength with me. They’ve given me a lifetime of love that I could never fully repay.

Q9. How did you spend your time during the hiatus before releasing your solo album?

I focused on managing my impatience. It’s important to be physically and mentally healthy in order to present my best self to the fans.

Q10. What are your goals as artist Yves?

To be a distinct figure in the competitive music industry with a dedicated fan base, and to eventually become a great solo artist who can fill SK Olympic Handball Stadium!

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