SM Entertainment Announces Legal Action Against Prostitution Rumors About NCT Members and Kim Hee Chul

NCT Haechan Johnny
NCT Haechan Johnny
Credit: SM Entertainment

SM Entertainment has announced legal action against rumors originating in Japan about some members of the boy group NCT.

The statement from SM Entertainment comes after rumors began circulating online that NCT’s Haechan and Johnny were alleged to have slept with three Japanese girls who were reportedly both fans and cabaret hostesses in the Japanese nightlife scene.

NCT Haechan Johnny
Credit: Online Community

To address these allegations, SM Entertainment made an announcement. The agency stated, “Currently, provocative rumors that are difficult to talk about, such as Johnny and Haechan’s prostitution, drugs, etc., are being indiscriminately spread and reproduced online. We have confirmed that this is not true at all and that this is a criminal act that seriously damages the artist’s reputation.”

The company revealed that they will take strong action against those spreading misinformation and their team is already monitoring posts, “We have already collected sufficient data on a number of posts related to the content in question, and we plan to not sit idly by and ensure that the relevant actors are punished legally without leniency or agreement, regardless of nationality.”

NCT Haechan Johnny
Credit: Online Community

The rumors not only linked NCT members to prostitution and drug use at a hotel in Japan but also dragged in Super Junior’s Kim Hee Chul, following reports of him visiting Japanese cabarets. A picture shared by one of the women in question features the singer, sparking speculation among fans about whether he played a role in bringing the girls and the NCT members together. These allegations have led some to speculate that the rumors may have contributed to the recent decline in SM Entertainment’s stock price.

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