Kim Hee Chul Unpacks Leeteuk’s Reaction to Gay Rumors in Super Junior’s Chat Room

kim heechul gay
kim heechul gay
Credit: MBC

In a recent episode of Radio Star, Kim Hee Chul shared an amusing yet bewildering anecdote involving fellow member Leeteuk. During the Super Junior special aired on March 27th, Kim Hee Chul, Leeteuk, Yesung, and Eunhyuk sat down to share tales from their time together.

During their talk, Leeteuk opened up about feeling slighted when his messages in group chats with the members, SM staff, and executives are read but not responded to. Reacting to Leeteuk’s comment, Eunhyuk couldn’t help but shudder, revealing, “He posts endless ramblings like he’s talking to himself. Plus, he keeps posting golf videos even though most of us aren’t interested in golf. And he’s a celebrity himself, but he shares a ton of celebrity gossip.”

Kim Hee Chul chimed in, “I had to leave the group chat secretly,” adding, “Once, there was a rumor about male celebrities dating, and it turned out I was the subject of that rumor. He posted it in a chat with more than 20 people.” Leeteuk defended his decision, saying, “I was just so curious, I had to ask, ‘Is this you?'” He then elaborated, “I posted it in the chat where many people are present because I thought it might clear up any misunderstandings.”

kim heechul gay
Credit: MBC

The episode also drew attention to the unchanged youthful looks of the four. Yesung humorously noted, “Hee Chul used to be so famously handsome, like from another realm, but now he seems to have come down to ours.” He confidently added, “Back then, I couldn’t even look at Hee Chul properly, but now I think I could win in terms of visuals.”

Kim Hee Chul responded lightheartedly, “I’ve gotten older now, so I just want to live on my own terms. I used to be 56kg (around 123 lbs), but now I’m 70kg (around 154 lbs).” He nostalgically recalled his peak days, “When I became an adult and went to nightclubs, older ladies would treat me to meals and pay for my taxi fare.”

He continued, “I thought it was only natural. Even when I was in the corner, they would notice me. My part in ‘Sorry Sorry’ was only 4 seconds long, but I received so much attention.”

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