‘Queen of Tears’ Flooded With Unauthorized Views in China

Credit: Netflix

Korean drama Queen of Tears is making waves in China, but not exactly for the reasons the creators might have hoped.

Professor Seo Kyung Deok from Seongshin Women’s University has pointed out that a review page for the drama appeared on Douban, a popular Chinese review site. The sheer number of reviews – over 46,000 already – suggests widespread unauthorized viewings, as the series is not officially available in China. Currently, Queen of Tears streams on TVING and Netflix, but neither service operates in the country.

Credit: Douban

“Just as with the movie Exhuma, it seems illegal viewing of Korean content has become commonplace in China. What’s even more alarming is the apparent lack of shame surrounding it,” Professor Seo stated. He emphasized the urgent need for the Chinese authorities to take a more proactive stance on this issue.

China cracked down hard on the illegal distribution of their Olympic mascot, Bing Dwen Dwen, during the Beijing Winter Games. This action highlights their ability to enforce intellectual property laws when they choose to. Yet, shows like The Glory, Moving, and even the global phenomenon Squid Game have all been widely watched illegally in China.

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Professor Seo believes the Chinese government is turning a blind eye to the problem. “They need to understand the importance of respecting other cultures and cracking down on these illegal activities,” he urges. “While creating compelling content is important, we also need a robust system that protects intellectual property worldwide.”

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