‘Exhuma’ Hit by Illegal Views and Mockery Even Before Official Release in China

exhuma korean movie
exhuma korean movie
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Professor Seo Kyung Duk from Sungshin Women’s University has brought to light on March 15th that illegal viewing practices have resurfaced in China amidst the ongoing ridicule from Chinese netizens toward the film Exhuma.

On the Chinese content review site Douban, Exhuma has already accumulated over 650 reviews, evidencing the rampant unauthorized distribution of Korean content in China. Professor Seo expressed his dismay, stating, “The ‘illegal distribution’ of Korean content has become the norm in China. Yet, what’s more astonishing is the lack of shame they show.”

He also highlighted the unfounded criticism being spread by some Chinese netizens, “Amidst this, some netizens, possibly driven by a sense of inferiority, continue to spread baseless criticisms through their social media platforms, including X (formerly Twitter) and Weibo.”

exhuma korean movie
Credit: X

Professor Seo pointed out the necessity for intervention by Chinese authorities, “It’s time for the Chinese government to step in.” He recalled the strict measures taken to protect the intellectual property rights of Bing Dwen Dwen, the mascot for the Beijing Winter Olympics, against illegal distribution. “The Chinese authorities are well aware of the situation. They have turned a blind eye to the ‘piracy viewing’ of K-content until now,” he noted, urging the Chinese government to start respecting other nations’ cultures and demonstrate this respect through actions.

In conclusion, Professor Seo advised, “Beyond just focusing on creating quality content, we must also pay attention to establishing a robust system that protects our content globally.”

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