Song Joong Ki Opens Up About Career and Parenthood in ‘My Name Is Loh Kiwan’ Candid Interview

song joong ki baby
song joong ki baby
Credit: Netflix

During a recent interview for his Netflix film My Name Is Loh Kiwan (directed by Kim Hee Jin), Song Joong Ki delved into various topics, including his work and personal life. My Name Is Loh Kiwan, released on the 1st, portrays the intertwining lives of a North Korean defector seeking his last hope in Belgium and a woman who has lost her reason to live. In the film, Song Joong Ki embodies the titular character Loh Kiwan, who struggles for refugee status in the unfamiliar land of Europe.

The interview also shone a light on the actor’s personal life, as it was right before the My Name Is Loh Kiwan shoot in Hungary that he announced his marriage and upcoming child with Katie Louise Saunders in January of last year.

Reflecting on that time, Song recalled, “That was when my wife was pregnant.” He continued, “I’m not someone who has big emotional fluctuations, and if I seemed relaxed from my team’s perspective, then I’m glad.” Adding to this, he noted, “In reality, being with my wife and ensuring her care was just as important, so I wasn’t exactly relaxed. But if the director saw it that way, then I’m pleased.”

When asked about any shifts in perspective when choosing roles since becoming a father, Song said, “I don’t think I’ve changed. I believe I’m the same; becoming a father hasn’t altered my criteria for selecting projects.”

He announced the birth of his son in June last year. Song Joong Ki acknowledged the pressure of his child being inadvertently exposed due to his profession, stating, “I can’t reveal all aspects of my everyday life. I don’t know how that’ll look to the public, but (even if he is revealed to the world) it feels right that it only happens naturally.”

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