Song Joong Ki Talks About Initially Rejecting ‘My Name is Loh Kiwan’ and Discusses Its Love Scenes

Song Joong Ki My Name is Loh Kiwan
Song Joong Ki My Name is Loh Kiwan
Credit: Netflix

Song Joong Ki revealed that he once declined to appear in Netflix movie My Name is Loh Kiwan, and talked about his love scene in the film with Choi Sung Eun.

Song Joong Ki said he turned down My Name is Loh Kiwan seven years ago when it was first offered to him. He said, “I really liked the script and wanted to do it, but I ended up turning it down and did the drama The Battleship Island instead. The reason I turned it down at the time was because I didn’t feel like I could relate to Loh Kiwan’s choices.” He said, “I thought, ‘Why is Loh Kiwan talking about love? Isn’t that a luxury?’ I didn’t feel like I could relate to him. I also thought that I didn’t have enough experience as an actor to play a character that I couldn’t relate to, so I turned it down.”

He continued, “Time passed and My Name is Loh Kiwan came back to me. The main plot of the script hadn’t changed, but some of the details had changed. When I looked at it again, I understood it differently than before. Kiwan’s mother tells him to survive, and as people live, they want more and think about what it means to live well. I think my own perspective has changed because I could finally relate to him.”

The star said, “I think there are quite a few people who liked the original novel and didn’t like the setting of Kiwan falling in love with Marie because she wasn’t in the original work. I totally understand. I also turned it down because I didn’t feel like I could relate to it.” However, I hope that even those who didn’t like it will change their minds over time. If they don’t, there’s nothing I can do about it. It’s not something I can force. That’s why I like to hear reactions, whether they’re good or bad.” He added, “Negative reviews don’t bother me personally. Once the film is out there, the reception is ultimately out of my control. I accept that.”

However, Song Joong Ki himself said he was very satisfied with the film. He said, “It’s a film that I love and it was also my first project in a long time. Filming the director’s feature debut entirely on foreign soil presented its challenges, but it was an experience I’ll never forget.” 

The actor also explained that he did not read the original novel of My Name is Loh Kiwan. He said that he also did not read the original novel of Disney Plus series Reborn Rich, in which he starred, and confessed that he “prefers to focus on the script.”

Regarding filming intimate scenes with Choi Sung Eun, he said, “I didn’t ask her if she felt awkward, but it wasn’t a problem for me at all,” he remarked. “It seemed like she felt comfortable too. The script described some pretty intense moments, but it was all about the characters connecting emotionally, not about how intimate it was.”

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My Name is Loh Kiwan is only available on Netflix.

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