Lee Seung Gi Linked to Bithumb Legal Drama with MC Mong, Kang Jong Hyun & Ahn Sung Hyun

mc mong lee seung gi
mc mong lee seung gi
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Amid the swirling controversy over the Bithumb legal dispute between Park Min Young’s ex-boyfriend, Kang Jong Hyun, and Sung Yuri’s husband, former professional golfer Ahn Sung Hyun, the name of Lee Seung Gi has emerged, drawing considerable attention.

The legal dispute, involving charges of embezzlement and breach of trust, took place at the Seoul Southern District Court on the 27th of last month, featuring Kang Jong Hyun, Ahn Sung Hyun, former Bithumb Holdings executive Lee, and a coin issuer’s employee Song among the defendants.

During the trial, the clashing claims between Ahn Sung Hyun and Kang Jong Hyun were spotlighted. Kang insisted that the 5 billion won (approx. 3.74 million USD) he gave to Ahn was a facilitation payment for a coin listing, which ultimately failed, hence he should be reimbursed. Ahn countered, claiming the 5 billion won was given by Kang for the purchase of artwork.

MC Mong has been pinpointed as a key witness to clarify the transaction of 5 billion won between the two. Another name brought up was none other than Lee Seung Gi.

Ahn Sung Hyun disclosed that in January 2022, when Kang Jong Hyun’s Vidente Co invested 20 billion won into Big Planet Made, where MC Mong was a company director, he purchased a 5% stake from the rapper for 2 billion won. However, the investment fell through when MC Mong was caught attempting to smuggle $70,000 out of the country in April 2022. Ahn subsequently got his 20 billion won back and returned the 5% stake to Big Planet Made.

Intriguingly, Lee Seung Gi’s name was brought up unexpectedly during the trial proceedings.

According to journalist-turned-YouTuber Lee Jin Ho, it was Lee Seung Gi who introduced Kang Jong Hyun to MC Mong. Allegedly, for making this introduction, Lee Seung Gi received a 2% stake in Big Planet Made Entertainment, estimated to be worth 800 million won (approx 600,000 USD). Lee Seung Gi, known as a close friend of Kang, was purportedly instrumental in facilitating this 20-billion-won investment.

Separately, MC Mong has expressed his grievances over being implicated in the case. Failing to respond to a court summons as a witness, he was fined 6 million won. His agency, Million Market, clarified on the 28th of last month, “MC Mong is not directly related to the trial’s content,” urging restraint on speculation and warning of legal action against false information.

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