Park Min Young Addresses Past Scandal Surrounding Her Ex-Boyfriend and Her Bold Comeback

park min young date
park min young date
Credit: Hook Entertainment

In an emotional reveal, Park Min Young has opened up about the whirlwind of controversies tied to her past relationship, marking a rare moment of candid reflection from the star. In a recent interview with SpotvNews, following the conclusion of her latest tvN drama, Marry My Husband, the actress shared her thoughts on facing her challenges head-on. “I couldn’t hide forever,” she confessed. “There were painful and tough times, and I hit rock bottom, but I chose to return to being myself again.”

The Marry My Husband star’s dating rumors with a wealthy businessman known as a hidden owner of the cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb hit the wire in September 2022, which eventually ended in a public breakup. Despite ending the relationship, Park was swept up in further controversy and was even questioned by prosecutors in February last year regarding the man’s alleged illicit gains from a Bithumb affiliate.

Choosing to confront these difficulties directly, Park’s determination has paid off. Her role in Marry My Husband, where she plays a woman betrayed by her husband and best friend, only to seek revenge in a second chance at life, has captivated viewers.

park min young date
Credit: Hook Entertainment

In the interview ahead of the show’s finale, Park expressed the necessity of addressing these issues openly. “I needed this space. Talking about it straight was an honest way to be myself. I wanted to correct any misunderstandings. I used to take positive reactions for granted, but when the criticism and sharp accusations started affecting me personally, I realized nothing is guaranteed,” she revealed.

She also touched on the pain of being the subject of unfounded rumors. “Words can be terrifying. Things get twisted, and messages are miscommunicated. It seemed best to keep responses as minimal as possible. While I admit my mistakes, I was only questioned once as a reference, and nothing followed. If there had been more to it, wouldn’t there have been further actions?” she stated firmly.

Park reflected on her decision to take on her latest project despite feeling remorseful. “If I felt more guilty, I wouldn’t have had the courage to choose this work. I wanted to acknowledge my mistakes and apologize,” she said. “I felt remorseful that my name came up in the news. It was a tough time for everyone, and even I was shocked that I was associated with such unfavorable matters.”

Concluding her thoughts, Park Min Young vowed, “This will not happen again. As an actress, I believe it’s right to only show my best side, and that’s my plan. I would be grateful if you could view me a bit more kindly.”

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