Police Rejected Lee Sun Kyun’s Request for Private Summons Before His Untimely Death

lee sun kyun death cause
lee sun kyun death cause
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It has been revealed that the late Lee Sun Kyun‘s request for a private summons was denied by the police. The actor passed away just four days before his third round of police questioning.

The star’s legal representative officially requested a private summons from the police as the date for his third probe session approached. Despite his plea, the police rejected the request, according to reports on December 28th.

Lee had previously undergone two probe sessions on October 28th and November 4th, with the third scheduled for November 23rd. He had cooperated with authorities and appeared before the press during all three summonses.

Expressing concerns over the repeated public nature of the probe, his legal team emphasized the need for a private summons. The request was officially made on November 22nd, a day before the scheduled third questioning. However, it has been disclosed that the police went against protocol and turned down the request. The police justified their refusal by expressing concerns that a private summons might lead to unauthorized photos or videos, potentially harming the alleged victim.

The protocol states that the chief of a police station should not allow the media to film or record the investigative process, including attendance or questioning. However, if filming or recording is unavoidable, precautions should be taken to prevent the exposure of individuals related to the case, and safety measures should be implemented. The revelation of the police refusing these requests has added complexity to an already sensitive situation.

Before his third attendance, Lee Sun Kyun’s legal team requested a lie detector test from the police. The request for the lie detector test was made on November 26th, just a day before the actor’s untimely death.

The police maintained that privacy in summonses is standard practice and claimed that they had never disclosed the actor’s summons schedule publicly and attempted to address concerns about potential media exposure during a private summons.

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