T-ara’s Areum Shares Alarming News About Her Boyfriend Attempting Suicide Due to Malicious Comments

t-ara areum husband
t-ara areum husband
Credit: Areum Instagram

Former T-ara member Areum shared her struggle with malicious rumors surrounding her boyfriend.

On December 14th, Areum took to her Instagram to reveal, “My boyfriend made a suicide attempt.” She disclosed that he was found unconscious after overdosing on depression medication.

Areum shared, “It breaks my heart thinking about how painful these few days must have been for him. No matter how much I think about it, I believe malicious comments, speculations and personal attacks from haters did this to him. He went through this for the first time and I can’t stop crying imagining the pain and fear he must have felt. I also felt like I couldn’t protect him.”

“Don’t play with people’s lives and leave us be. Isn’t creating excessive rumors enough? Creating baseless rumors is bad enough, so please stop with the hurtful comments. Whether he’s Jeon Cheong Jo or whoever, just go away and leave us be,” she warned.

Recently, a post on an online community titled “Second Jun Chung Jo Is Planning to Marry a Former Female Idol” has sparked controversy. The post claims that the idol’s potential spouse has a history of fraud and sexual offenses akin to Jeon Cheong Jo. This has led to speculations involving Areum, prompting her to take legal action against malicious comments.

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