Hwang Ui Jo’s Sex Tape Blackmailer Identified as His Sister-in-law, According to Police

Hwang Ui Jo
Hwang Ui Jo
Credit: News1

A woman identified as Hwang Ui Jo’s sister-in-law has been arrested for invasion of privacy after she allegedly shared personal videos found on the soccer player’s cellphone online.

The incident unfolded after the woman, who played an assistant role during overseas trips with Hwang, allegedly disseminated a video disclosing his very private personal life. The Seoul Metropolitan Police Cyber Investigation Division is currently conducting an investigation on this woman. In June, she claimed to be Hwang’s romantic partner and is under suspicion for spreading photos and videos featuring Hwang and multiple women.

According to a disclosure on Instagram, the individual accused Hwang of engaging in inappropriate relationships with multiple women. The post further alleged that Hwang had gaslit numerous women and captured intimate photos and videos without their consent.

In response, Hwang’s management, UJ Sports, firmly denied the accusations, stating that the content uploaded on social media is untrue and warned to take legal action against the person responsible for the spread of malicious posts.

Amidst the controversy, the football star revealed that his phone had been stolen in Greece last year and that he filed a legal complaint against the person responsible for the allegations. Hwang has privatized his social media accounts and canceled all scheduled public appearances, including a fan meeting, since the scandalous happening. Regarding the identity of the spreader, he only disclosed that the person in question is not one of his past lovers.

Now that Hwang’s sister-in-law is arrested on charges related to this, it has been reported that Hwang’s side expressed that they do not wish to press charges against the arrested individual during the substantive examination held on November 16th.

The ongoing investigation involves not only the woman arrested but also Hwang Ui Jo, who faces allegations of illegal filming. Police summoned him for questioning on November 18th, and digital forensics are being conducted on his multiple phones.

Hwang insists that all the videos were recorded consensually within romantic relationships. However, someone identified as his former partner disputes this, asserting that none of the videos were recorded with consent.

The situation is still evolving as authorities continue their investigation into the allegations surrounding Hwang Ui Jo’s privacy scandal.

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