PICK: 11 New K-Dramas Coming to TVING in 2024

TVING just revealed what they’ve got in store for 2024, including thrillers, fantasies, comedies, historical dramas and even school dramas.

An official from TVING stated, “Get ready to enjoy a variety of creative content from talented creators in the year ahead.”


LTNS tells the story about a married couple (played by Esom and Ahn Jae Hong) who find themselves in financial trouble and decide to blackmail an adulterous couple for money. But as they go down this path, they end up confronting the issues in their own relationship. The film received praise at the 2023 Busan International Film Festival for its honest dialogue and relatable storyline.

Good or Bad Dong Jae
stranger seo dong jae
Credit: tvN

Good or Bad Dong Jae is a spin-off of popular drama Stranger. The show revolves around the villainous but irresistible Prosecutor Seo Dong Jae (Lee Joon Hyuk) as he grapples with a redevelopment case after being branded as the “ungraceful briber” among his peers. However, his life takes an unexpected turn when he get assigned with a murder case involving a female high-school student, putting him in a challenging position where he must balance his prosecutorial instincts with his opportunistic tendencies. The series will drop on Paramount Global.

Queen Woo
queen woo ji chang wook
Credit: TVING

Queen Woo is an action-packed historical drama that follows the challenges faced by Queen Woo. Marked as a target by power-hungry princes and five tribes competing for the throne after the sudden death of the king, she works tirelessly to establish a new king within 24 hours. Jeon Jong Seo takes on the role of Queen Woo of Goguryeo, joined by a star-studded cast including Kim Mu YeolJi Chang WookJung Yu MiLee Soo Hyuk, and Park Ji Hwan. The series will be available on Paramount Global.

I Openly Dream of Cinderella
I Openly Dream of Cinderella
Credit: TVING

I Openly Dream of Cinderella is an upcoming romantic comedy that revolves around a woman who openly dreams of becoming a Cinderella to escape her harsh reality. One day, her path crosses with a wealthy chaebol man who doesn’t believe in true love. The show offers a 21st-century take on Cinderella, where the protagonist ditches her glass slippers for a white horse. Penned by Baek Mi Kyung, the screenwriter behind Strong Woman, Do Bong Soon, the series promises to showcase the close chemistry between Pyo Ye Jin and Lee Joon Young. You can catch it on Paramount Global.

Pyramid Game
jang won young sister
Credit: TVING

Based on a webtoon of the same name, Pyramid Game is a psychological thriller set in a high school. It tells the story about students working to stop school violence in a school where students choose victims through monthly class voting. Bona will play Sung Soo Ji, a new student who’s immediately targeted for bullying but ends up leading a rebellion. The show also stars Jang Da A, Ryu Da In, Kang Na Eon, Jung Ha Dam, Shin Seul Gi, and Ha Yully as students and faculty members partaking in the vicious game. It will be globally available on Paramount Plus.

>> WJSN’s Bona and Jang Won Young’s Sister Join Cast of ‘Pyramid Game’

Chunhwa Love Story 
Credit: TVING

Chunhwa Love Story is a historical romantic drama where Princess Hwari, who is a royal bloodline princess, ventures outside of the palace to personally select her husband through a unique process known as “direct selection.” The drama follows Go Ara as she takes on the role of Princess Hwari, who embarks on a journey to find her one true love with characters played by reknowned actors such as Chang RyulChanheeSon Woo Hyun, and Han Seung Yeon and others.



I AM A RUNNING MATE is the directorial debut series of Han Jin Won, who won an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for his collaboration with director Bong Joon Ho on the film Parasite. The series was invited to the Busan International Film Festival and received critical acclaim. It tells the story of Sehun, a model student who enters the schoolwide student council election as a running mate and unexpectedly becomes the central figure of the election as he strives to restore his tarnished image after an unfortunate incident. The film blends elements of school and political drama, creating an intriguing narrative.

Shark: The Storm
shark : the storm
Credit: TVING

Shark: The Storm is the sequel to Shark: The Beginning, which was adapted into a movie from a webtoon in 2021. The movie follows the story of Cha Woo Sol (Kim Min Seok), a victim of school violence who becomes a criminal and later transforms into a mixed martial arts champion. In contrast, the series depicts his life after he leaves prison. Lee Hyun Wook takes on a ruthless new villain role.

Because I Don’t Want to Lose Money
shin min ah new drama
Credit: AM Entertainment, Outer Korea

Because I Don’t Want to Lose Money is an unusual romantic comedy about a woman (Shin Mina) who stages a fake wedding to avoid financial losses and a man (Kim Young Dae) who becomes her fake groom to prevent harm. It weaves a unique and comedic romance based on the fresh concept of a “fake marriage,” delivering a relatable story. It is a joint production of tvN and TVING.


Director Ahn Pan Seok, known for works like Something in the Rain, One Spring Night, and Secret Affair is set to make a grand return with a new drama series. Graduation portrays the secret romance between a veteran academy instructor, who returns after 10 years, and her mischievous former student, who stirs her heart.  Jung Ryeo Won and Wi Ha Jun will respectively lead as the teacher and the student. It is also a joint production of tvN and TVING.

Won Kyung
Cha Joo Young drama
Credit: Netflix, ZAPZEE

Won Kyung offers a new perspective on the marital relationship between Won Kyung (Cha Joo Young) and Yi Bang Won (Lee Hyun Wook). It portrays the fiery life journey of Queen Won Kyung, who played a pivotal role in making her husband Yi Bang Won the third king of Joseon, and was a co-founder of royal power alongside him. The story highlights Queen Won Kyung’s resolute life in the face of painful betrayals and harsh realities, where she remained true to herself and lived an independent life. It is a joint production of tvN and TVING.

Source: TVING

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