Star-Studded Cast Revealed for ‘Queen Woo’: Jeon Jong Seo, Ji Chang Wook, Lee Soo Hyuk and More

Ji Chang Wook new drama
Ji Chang Wook new drama
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Jeon Jong Seo, Kim Moo Yul, Ji Chang Wook, Jung Yu Mi, and Lee Soo Hyuk will be starring in Queen Woo (literal title).

Queen Woo is a riveting historical action-drama following the exploits of Queen Woo. After the sudden death of the king, Queen Woo has only 24 hours to ensure the rightful heir to the throne while being at the center of attention of ambitious princes and five influential clans, each vying for power following the sudden death of the king.

Jeon Jong Seo portrays Queen Woohee, a woman of unmatched beauty and intelligence. Born into a modest family, her status as the Queen of Goguryeo (an ancient Korean kingdom) comes without real power. With no one to rely on in the desolate palace except her husband, King Go Nammu, the sudden crisis befalling her beloved threatens not just her royal position but her family’s existence.

Kim Moo Yul steps into the shoes of Eul Paso, the chief military officer of Goguryeo and trusted confidant of King Go Nammu. Rising above his humble origins, Eul Paso’s exceptional abilities earn him a seat in the high ranks, but beneath his loyalty to the king lurks an unresolved ambition.

Taking up the role of the brilliant King Go Nammu, who can command 5000 soldiers to defeat an army thrice that size, is Ji Chang Wook. King Go Nammu is the epitome of a perfect king, possessing the might of a warlord and the kindness of a benevolent ruler. However, his absence opens the doors to a storm of conflict within the palace walls.

Jung Yu Mi transforms into Woosoon, Queen Woohee’s elder sister, known for her unparalleled beauty. An impulsive decision strips Woosoon of the queen’s title, and the title falls to her younger sister, Woohee, as a result. Determined to reclaim her destiny, Woosoon enters the palace as her sister’s maid.

Adding to the tension in the power struggle is Lee Soo Hyuk’s character, the ambitious Third Prince Go Balgi. A fearsome character with a ruthless temperament, Prince Go Balgi seizes the opportunity for the throne, revealing the true ambition that he’s suppressed out of his fear of his brother King Go Nammu.

Based on historical records about Queen Woo, one of the rare examples of levirate marriage in Korean history (a custom in which a widow marries her deceased husband’s brother to maintain lineage), Queen Woo promises a compelling blend of storytelling and performances that depict a unique aspect of ancient Korean culture. The show will be released on TVING in 2024.

Source: TVING

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