Lee Sun Kyun’s Drug Allegations Disproved With Negative Hair Sample Test

Credit: Spots Chosun

Lee Sun Kyun was summoned by the police a week after his drug allegations and underwent three-hour-long questioning on November 4th.

>> Lee Sun Kyun Refuses to Make Any Statement About the Ongoing Drug Investigation

After the probe, the actor stood before the camera and shared, “Today, I answered every question with all honesty and sincerity.” When reporters asked him, “Could you tell us about the part you clarified? Did you admit to your charges?,” he replied, “I faithfully cooperated with the investigation and shared things that are based on the truth.”

Lee was questioned for about three hours before returning home. On the same day, the police reportedly secured statements related to the actor’s alleged drug use during the investigation against him. However, it is yet unknown whether Lee admitted to or denied his allegations.

Credit: SBS

Meanwhile, Lee Sun Kyun’s hair test was negative as well as his simple reagent test conducted by the National Institute of Scientific Investigation. According to the results, he has not used drugs in the last eight to ten months.

But police are not ruling out the possibility of Lee’s illegal drug use before the last ten months. It is also reported that further tests have been done in case the drug substances could be detected in other parts of his body hair.

The authority stated, “We cannot say whether Lee acknowledged his charges or not because it is part of the investigation.” The police are reportedly planning to request Lee’s participation in the third probe in connection with his alleged drug use.

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