NewJeans’ Dance Team Blasts ILLIT Over Plagiarism Claims: Copycat Choreography?

newjeans illit
newjeans illit

Controversy has reignited over allegations that HYBE label BELIFT LAB’s girl group ILLIT plagiarized choreography from ADOR’s NewJeans. This time, the claims are coming directly from NewJeans’ performance directors.

On the 13th, NewJeans’ performance director Kim Eun Joo took to Instagram Stories to voice her frustration, writing, “What? Is this for real? Even the ad choreography? I’ve really held back for so long, but this is just too much to be a coincidence.” Kim has choreographed hits like “Attention” and “Hype Boy.”

Kim continued, “Sure, similarities can happen. But usually, out of courtesy, you make some changes. This is just a complete copy-paste.”

Another NewJeans performance director, Black Q, also expressed frustration on the same day, stating, “I’ve held back until now, thinking, ‘It can’t be,’ but seeing the ad choreography like this is too much. The hard work someone has put in shouldn’t be used this way. The process could not have been easy.” Black Q has contributed to choreographing NewJeans’ hits like “Attention,” “Hype Boy,” “Cookie,” “Ditto,” and “Super Shy.”

While neither choreographer explicitly named their target, the timing of the posts and the mention of “ad choreography” strongly suggest they were referring to ILLIT, which has faced ongoing accusations of copying NewJeans’ choreography.

Recently, online communities buzzed with claims that parts of the choreography for ILLIT’s latest song “Lucky Girl Syndrome” closely resembled moves from a McDonald’s ad featuring NewJeans. Some pointed out that both groups feature a dance move where the hands cross to mimic a crab, arguing that the moves are similar except for the direction.

Accusations that ILLIT has been plagiarizing NewJeans’ concept and choreography have persisted online, with a particular focus on the dance routines.


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newjeans illit
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